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  1. Provide a source then, obviously. 15m from liverpool my bad i just saw the headline and thought WHAT. its the daily mirror so its obviously just shit stirring.
  2. just read that liverpool are putting together a £15 million bid for him this summer. What a kick in the nuts that would be.
  3. it just shows u how desperate we are for strikers. if we had shola on ( and i never thought i would say that ) it would have been all over.
  4. hahaah did u see the handbags there on the sideline ROFL
  5. YES Finally . he must be reading our thread on his ipod lol
  6. Best Lurking yeah thats all he fucking does. get ranger on NOW
  7. Get in there Tiote son. I just love how he takes no shit.
  8. What a strike by Colo so close. he hit that sweet.
  9. 22 minutes It was us that shipped 4 in 26. They were worse than us in that respect Yeeeaahhh we are better than Arsenal . Sort of
  10. Arabic commentary on the Tiote Goal Its fucking hillarious. i am sure he thanks allah after he scores.
  11. Get the iPhone/Android app and you can do it yourself. which app would that be, i have one but it only seems to work on the lan. need to remote via wifi if poss Its called Sky+ u can get it off the apps store.
  12. Aye, but no point dwelling on that too much for the time being, thats in the past now. Just have to concentrate on making up those lost points over the next few games i totally agree looking back on situations and saying what if is all well and good and we all like doing it but we need to build on what we saw today and press on towards that 40 points. Checked Sky to see if its the main game and as always they aint telling us what it is. I would say the game is a good bet to be on first though.
  13. 4-4 highlights Best i could find so soon after the game . its all the goals just ignore what sounds like russian commentary lol
  14. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at half time to hear what AP said to em. We had a lot of heart and passion in the second half. If only it was translated to the same in the first half. Relegation? now with a performance like that. Andy who?
  15. No chance.... It sickens me to say this but i know. Its totally put him in the shop window now.
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