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  1. Off to Lisbon for a few days between Christmas and New Year for a mini break, we found hiring apartments are much easier than hotels with a three year old.
  2. It was the third Marquez fight, although JMM always had his number.
  3. Ward was the top rated, Bute was second.
  4. He clearly beat Bradley to be fair.
  5. I went to Kraków last weekend for my stag do. Main Square in Old Town was such a beautiful place; great food and cheap beer! Thinking of taking the family back next year to make more of what it has to offer.
  6. Krakow for my stag do then St Vincent for my honeymoon, I will need the second one to get over the first!
  7. Baggio


    Perfume bottle with the brides perfume is a great shout!
  8. I took the boy to the cinema for the first time on Sunday to watch The House of Magic, it was the morning showing for kids so only£1.75 each to get in. He cried his eyes out at the preview for Paddington Bear but was happy to watch the film so he might get full price film out of me now now I know he will sit still.
  9. When I bought my house I was a first time buyer, mortgage company happy to lend to me and a decent deposit in place, the house I was buying was empty so no onward chain yet it still took the solicitors six months from first approaching them to getting the keys. I had two months notice from the place I was renting and thought iI would be fine and it would all be sorted by then, then it was everything to go in storage and back in with the rents for 3 weeks which turned out to be 3 months! They even randomly told my mortgage company I was planning on buying to let which delayed everything for weeks.
  10. Baggio


    I'm getting married in just over two months and was wondering what gifts people got for the bridesmaids, best man etc?
  11. I hope so after the effort I put in! It was a second hand one that I spent a few days refurbishing. This is what it was like when I went to get it.
  12. I was expecting something resembling Tim Healy in Benidorm but it's not a bad effort to be fair to her.
  13. http://972mag.com/why-did-israel-reject-kerrys-ceasefire-proposal/94559/
  14. I bought the boy a 'peardrop' wooden playhouse for the garden for his 2nd birthday in two weeks. I'm trying to put off putting a level base down as long as possible.
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