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  1. You're gonna get told off. i'm sowwwy We'll still be 7 points better off if we lose all 3. We'd be 3 points better off wouldn't we? We had 22 at that stage and currently we've 25, if we lose all 3 we'll still have 25 25-22 = 3 yes the math works So hardly miles better off, like i was saying the midway point is the benchmark, a good start means nothing if you then lose to everyone else Nope after 14 games we had 18 points http://www.statto.com/football/stats/england/premier-league/2010-2011/table/2010-11-22
  2. We should finish at least 7th. Villa and Everton are the best of the rest IMHO and we've got a great head start on both. Liverpool and Spurs aren't that great either, I think they'll both catch us but you never know a serious injury to Suarez or Modric and they would both look very average.
  3. We'll still be 7 points better off if we lose all 3.
  4. Is it 8 goals from 16 starts in the prem then? I think it was Jonny that was questioning his consistency which i think might be a bit unfair. He's going to get a lot of games this season and a run in the side so we'll see if he can either keep his 1 in 2 ratio up or find some better form. He hasnt had a run in the side so its not fair to criticise his level of consistency just yet. The reason i focus on this is because clearly he is not the most talented of footballers so if he can become consistent in his performances it will be a great help. Just not consistently shite. Its 8 goals
  5. Hasn't yet seen enough action to be able to say that conclusively
  6. To the tune of SJP favourite 'The Best' by Tina Turner Leon Best, better than all the rest, strikers that the toon have got, Leon Best, he's better than Demba Ba, Better than Lovenkrands, Shola and his little bro.
  7. The Stables - behind Beamish Hall (park in Beamish Hall car park). Excellent food and beer, plus a playground for kids. http://www.beamish-hall.co.uk/Stables
  8. For VFM has to be Shola - he cost nowt and has relatively low wages.
  9. So when Man U sold Ronaldo for 80m did that mean they were a selling club? Every player at every club has a price. If Real Madrid offered 500m for Messi then Barca would sell. It's all about whether you are offered stupid money. Carroll is a 15-20m player at best (and thats based on potential being filled). No club would have turned down 35m for him. And it's only fucking June, and we've made more progress in the transfer window than any other PL team, judge them when the season starts.
  10. Shuts at 6 on Sundays though which would mean missing the last few minutes, had a look at the council website and the Quayside multi round the corner is open all hours and still cheap
  11. Really annoys me that a lot of the council run multi stories close at 6pm on Sundays. Where's best to park coming across the Tyne (or Swing or Redheugh) Bridge for today's game. I'm avoiding NCPs cos they'll be nigh on a tenner.
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