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  1. You'll still be claiming the three points in the derby! :-( And I'm now fully accepting that we are going down! Overly pessimistic? Maybe! And I'm not one for calling for Manager's heads on a kneejerk, but I think the sacking of MON was a good month over due and I fear it might all be too late for any new manager to come in and save the day! Surely PDC cannot be any worse, in the tactical sense, than MON! Surely not!!! At least he might actually start getting us to attack - properly!!
  2. When was the last time one of our fans attacked one of your players? how apt, a friend just posted this on facebook and for what it's worth he doesn't care about football, so it's not a rivalry thing. I'm not actually condoning any violence but to honestly believe we are going to murder one of your lot is absolute paranoia beyond belief! A bit harsh, no?
  3. Just read the post on rtg about one of our lot inevitably murdering one of yours! Brilliant and embarrassing at the same time!
  4. I have. What am I missing? A chromosome. That could be said about most of your fans aswell! I'm quite realistic about my team to be fair. I'm no deluded. I didn't think we'd win the derby and I don't go into games thinking we'll win by a landslide victory either. Thing is, you can't blame our fans for wanting more. We've had our yo-yo seasons and have firmly set ourselves in the premiership now. That's all mackems want. To think we are only bothered about finishing above you is frankly stupid. The majority of us couldn't care less. It's our own clubs progression we are bo
  5. Ha! Class! I don't really want it to be him if I'm honest but it seems the most likely option. Who do I want? I've no idea! Hughes seems the logical choice as he's a safe pair of hands and .available. I wouldn't look forward to watching his team week in week out though. Whoever it is I'd be surprised if they hadn't already lined someone up, seeing as it was obvious Bruce needed to be axed. Agree! But it's got to be better than the utter drivel I've been watching as of late, doesn't it? Surely? Probably fucking not!!
  6. Ha! Class! I don't really want it to be him if I'm honest but it seems the most likely option. Who do I want? I've no idea!
  7. I fully commend Newcastle for how they have played and what they have achieved this season. Credit must be given when it's due. Thing is, we have some excellent players but Bruce simply couldn't field a team. His demise come from selling top players and not replacing them, panic buying in the transfer window, playing players out of position and making ridiculous substitutions. He was tactically inept and that's the reason we are in the state we are in. He had larsson playing at fucking right back on Saturday man! Clueless tit! It's annoying in a general sense how all of a sudden we
  8. Actually...on a serious note, I would agree that your starting 11 are superior however I would say ours has far more depth. If any of your key players are injured, you would be struggling to replace them from the bench: cabaye and tiote for example. If they get injured, you're left really thin on the ground.
  9. I have. What am I missing? We don't find this funny, we find it sad. That's what comments like "sad sad day" and "terrible news" indicate... Oh well that clarifies that!
  10. Even though we finished above your lot for the last 3 seasons, I'd be very surprised if you can find one of our lot who thinks we'll do it again this season. It's a done deal this time! No doubt about it!
  11. I have. What am I missing?
  12. Are you forgetting we've also got Agent Ashley over there? Also...I'm not really too sure why you all find it funny, the absolute majority of Sunderland fans are over the fucking moon about his sacking!! It's over due if anything! It can only be a good move. He'd took us as far as he possibly could! I'm not going to get all stuffy about some of the comments I've read from your lot but Jesus...yous don't half have some short memories chaps!
  13. Who voted for Bramble to me MOTM yesterday? You bastards! Fair play...I was pissing myself! Well done to your lot for that! Was the best thing about watching the fucking shambles of the game to be fair!
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