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  1. If I was President

    Champion. We could even link it as part of the Great North Run weekend or something like that. Have the red arrows fly over as we steam in windmilling the effigy around Stowell street including the mother and it's egg.
  2. Your player of the season??

    Racing into our last two games...Which of our lads on the pitch has been your champ of the season and even who has been your chump of this season's campaign.
  3. Oh Roy....

    This crab keano just wants to learn to shut his fucking trap....
  4. Israel vs England

    were you expecting anything different
  5. Israel vs England

    Ferdinand playing like a mackem
  6. Israel vs England

    No one picking him up man!!
  7. Israel vs England

    I you'd think the smog beast would have some grasp on the idea those two won't click
  8. Israel vs England

    Coming up to 10 minutes played looks like the stalls area already set out for a 2 dimensional, boring, shit & typical McClaren knock about.
  9. Wigan (A)

    Most frustrating game i have ever been to. Wigan's whole set up is about an existence in the bottom half of the table, no ambition. Their ground is an MFI job stuck in a field. Their pitch was shocking. Disappointed with the team Roeder picked. You don't rest key players like Dyer when you have a selection problem. Charlie was promising when he came on We need to keep a hold of him. Role on the smoggies.

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