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  1. He's an absolute lunatic like. Reading his twitter rant to Luke Edwards I cant help but see him as Private Pyle "when will you answer MY question??Joooooooooe-ker!"
  2. im sure you know i was trying to lighten the tone. hows the blood pressure today?
  3. As for "going and fucking myself", the wife has sloped off to bed whilst i've been key-bashing, so although options are limited anything I do or don't do won't be because you told me to.... okay!
  4. I'll definitely give you that one, I think that was a touch OTT............................ a touch mind!!
  5. Well that just confirms that you HAVE grasped the stick by the shitty end. The post that has offended you to your core was made in response to it being suggested that attending the games to support the team (not the regime,) makes me a scab!! I asked a genuine question, wondering how many people who claimed they werent attending in protest of the regime, were in fact draping that banner around their neck in order to appear more justified for not attending. After all it sounds a lot better than "I'm not going cos we're shit!" Although not exactly "wolf in sheeps clothing," there's an eleme
  6. No mate you appear to have wound yourself up. I asked the QUESTION of how many people have that outlook. I've had the toothcomb out, and I still cant see where i said you did. You seem to have hung that label around your own neck so you can spout off in outrage! You appear to be the opposite of my shit theory?? how is that even possible? I asked a question on what percentage of people dont go because they cant stand to see us beaten so easily, which you appear to think is outlandishly outrageous?? How can you say with any semblance of seriousness, given you had a semi whine about not being
  7. "It's amazing how many of our fans think we have a god given right to challenge for the title, because we had a purple patch under Keegan, and we've got a canny stadium." This is the sentence you appear to have taken massive offence to?? So from that I can take it you disagree that these fans exist? Interesting. Even more interesting that YOU placed yourself amongst them, and not me! Can't you comprehend THAT?
  8. Okay, so you are beyond disillusioned with the running of the club, and you won't be going to any home games whilst Ashley is at the helm, correct? Sounds like you've made a choice. Remind me again why you feel the need to force that choice on others? By the way, you DID leave at 4-0 down didnt you? again, that was your choice. Personally, I'm glad i stayed to cheer on the comeback!! (even though i was gutted when Nolan put the fifth a yard wide)
  9. You do realise that Harper has not of yet managed to combat the effects of ageing, and would at some point need to be replaced don't you? Maybe we've got a chance at tempting Shearer off the MOTD sofa?? I'm assuming you're a Geordie, why the Fuck are they playing Collocini ahead of you? I see your point, let's pick the team on solely Geographical factors and ignore footballing merit! Cockney - So what you are intimating is that Pardew would happily narrow his recruitment area down to a pinpoint so that he can hear some familiar accents in the changing room?? My word
  10. I would have thought my position on that would have been crystal given i've already spelled it out for you. Care to read it and respond like adults do? Here's a question for you. At a guess, what percentage of people who (like yourself) hold a "boycott games is the only way" opinion, do so because they'd rather not watch their struggling team get beat, as opposed to a calculated effort to oust Ashley?? It's amazing how many of our fans think we have a god given right to challenge for the title, because we had a purple patch under Keegan, and we've got a canny stadium. To paraphrase the ma
  11. See you've got your cap on! i expected exactly this response, ignore the points raised, and undermine with bullshit. Ten a penny mate! Job for the boys?? hahaha, god you're thick. Signed because Forster wasnt happy to sit on the bench. Who should we have signed? Buffon? De Gea? Perhaps Courtois would have been happy to be the 2nd choice! Signed, perhaps, because Pardew, and Woodman knew him from Charlton, and thought he's a player you can count on.
  12. Given what is known about Ashley i'm staggered you think he could be manouevred around the board as easily. Let's imagine for one moment his hand WAS forced, i'd imagine he'd be sure to pull the pin on one last "fuck you" grenade before he headed for the sunset. Can't imagine the aftermath of that could be described as "winning". That's before you even factor in how your proposed actions would naturally make us seriously LESS appealing to a prospective buyer and could, in that instance, prolong his tenure. And of course there is the fact that MY team is my team, and not watching them on an
  13. two presumptions made, none correct..... Nice going!
  14. has nothing to do with any twitter feed. so, in your mind NOT going to watch the team you support is winning?? fuck off.
  15. you're slating people for supporting their team, and I'M the (K)nob??? As for calling Elliot a cunt, you have no idea what you're on about, he's a top bloke. Doubt Krul would have changed much today, given the rest of the team was so shambolic
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