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  1. basically i just wanted to know where the fuck i'm meant to go to get a stamp and a postbox so i can post some stuff back home... but THX FOR CARING ABOUT MY SAFETY
  2. its not really only for my mates. and each mate who it is for, i will be smoking with so its not really a "favour" as such.
  3. not been on here in a while but i thought itd probs be the best place to ask.. getting the ferry to the dam on friday. been a few times before but only once previously on the boat. managed to smuggle a few bags of green hidden in a hat that i bought without getting caught. this time, however, quite a few of my mates are wanting me to bring stuff back, including shrooms and ive heard theyre much more "strict" with searching now and so was thinking about posting some stuff from amsterdam to home (or a friends house). just wondering if anybody has done this before and if so, how did you go about doing it? it cant be much more difficult than wandering into a shop and buying a stamp, surely?
  4. cheers. shouldve known that.
  5. wow, ia ctually nearly put a reference to my name in the post because i knew someone would make a great joke if i didn't.
  6. Beat Down records? music shop in town. i should probably know this but i dont, and google didnt help me. appreciate help.
  7. this isnt bad
  8. everyone else give up.... we have a winner ! 26903[/snapback] taken from that 20 year old joke about the tennis ball-sized head.
  9. black people loot. white people find.
  10. i wouldnt look twice at anyone with that much makeup anyway.
  11. bastard, beat me with the hand comment.