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  1. classic. forwarded that link to my romanian gf..... Next time i am there i wont go near any washing lines just in case!!
  2. " Imperial chamber court in the early 16th century". the who? imp chamber sounds like the name for a toilet manufacturer. maybe ur actually trying to admit that u spent 6 months study the shapes of 300 year old potties!
  3. manager of the month? possible teams...... chelsea charlton wigan nufc given our previous months form, i guess we are the leagues most improved team. tbh tho i guess wigan deserve it, as they didnt have to bank roll this months wins with 40mil spending spree!!
  4. just curious as to how others deal with nostril hairs; they being the bane of my life. i pull, but some can be too stubborn.....can be hard to get a good grip. maybe i should start a poll for this one )
  5. i was in a sports bar in Budapest yesterday, hoping that the toon game may be on satellite. only other customers in there was 2 boro fans, who claimed they were checking the place out 'ahead of the game tomorw' One of them was wearing an 'azuri' (italian) footy shirt. Guess they didnt want the embarasment of having to explain where boro was......
  6. "bureaucrats must have been looking for something to do this morning" good job) Can they find a loophole, so the FA can sack sveneyed munster and not lose 10mil ?? another good watercooler conference that would be.. There again the fa should be embarased as much as possible for their utter stupidity.
  7. he probably knows that uefa football is the best route to silverware. Also i hope that our recent spending is NOT dependant on a CL place. `co then we really have done a leeds.!
  8. will the clusless shit for brains idiots like ugly mackem plz explain who they would play in midfield for the fulham game.?......i wait to beenlightened by your incredible wisdom! Stop being a complete idiot and realise that the fulham game will be tough, and quite a battle. I think souness will have to win 3 of the next 5 games to be "oncourse" Regardless of what the monkeys on here rant and rave. stop pissing into yer nappies man.
  9. maybe it was being so close to david beckham ?
  10. should imagine about 90% of us havent asked a woman to abort a child. am shocked that nobby would do it (
  11. cant resist......my prediction: Fulham (h)......................................Win just. We have no midfielders atmo, so will still struggle to create. Fulham will try and do a westham agianst us. Blackburn (a).................................maybe draw. they playing much bettr this season. this will be a hostile match, due to embiterd fans having a go at souey. Man City (h)....................................hmm tricky, they are one of the most improved teams, 12 games since losing or something?? Pretty even game, but we may squeak a win, as solano is available, correct? (
  12. i doubt we will batter fulham. they will come here and defend there asses off, and atmo our best midfielders are injured. think we will squeak a win, but dont expect a slaughter! imo we wont be at our attacking best till emre is back. (rember solano is banned)
  13. found a pic of his alter ego.......am convinced thers a blonde inside of him just waiting to burst out
  14. yes the other teams have bettr teams now. look at spurs and bolton now. The teams they have now are the best they have had for years IMO. Certainly chelsea are at an all time high. Even liverpool have a better team than during the 90s. Not sure about arsenal or manu.
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