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  1. Yo kiddiewinks. It’s just gone 3am but it feels like 2am. If you have any old-fashioned clocks in your households from the early days of the forum then please adjust them accordingly. And can you clear up those bottles and pizza boxes before I get home from work this morning. Cheers. love, Mam x
  2. Sending you so much love and strength Renton. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. 😢
  3. Oh and I’ve discovered that when things are as shit as you can imagine they could possibly be, something or someone will come along and pile more shit on top of it. And you learn ways of dealing with it, whether your mates drag you through by the ankles, someone brings cake just in time or you have a tantrum and then have to apologise to everyone afterwards. I’ve surprised myself. Turns out I’m nails.
  4. I was thinking of doing something with Maltesers and Nutella just to cover the full range It has been, and remains an absolute shitshow. I’ve teetered on the brink of several mini-breakdowns but a couple of weeks ago finally had my first full week of annual leave since February. Got my first dose of the vaccine on Boxing Day and feel lucky that I’ve managed to avoid the virus itself so far, although the anxiety about bringing it home to the bairn remains. Getting increasingly annoyed with people who think that once the clock strikes midnight and it’s 2021 that it will allllll
  5. Oi, you absolute knobhead, I’ve just seen this! That was my first and only attempt thanks to the absolute rinsing I got on here
  6. 😁 I’ll be at work, mate. His dad is a teacher so he’ll be off too and can do the job at home (Plus, my kid is weird. He’s 11 and it’s like living with a more sensible adult)
  7. It’s. Not. A. Lockdown. If. The. Schools. Are. Open!! Fuck’s sake.
  8. We’ve had lots of lovely bits and pieces sent in by the general public (hand cream/lip balm to help with PPE burns) but I really hope management aren’t wildly naive enough to offer us either of the above.. 🙄
  9. I had my first Saturday night off for weeks last night. Woke up about 2am, had a bit cackle to myself thinking about how I’ve ruined all your days and went back to sleep 😁
  10. Probably standing in the empty Nightingale hospitals (which we can’t use without staff btw - good luck finding more nurses) None of us have been routinely tested. Only eligible if we have Covid symptoms. When I left work yesterday morning our ITU was full. Not all the patients were ventilated, some were on high flow oxygen but are extremely sick. I took a patient from theatre to a Covid ward and took up their last bed, although we still have some capacity on other wards. I don’t ever want to have to work up there - it was absolutely grim 🙁 I don’t really have the emotiona
  11. Yes we’ve learned a lot from the first wave and it seems to be showing given current patient outcomes. No, we don’t have any more ventilators. The first time around we stopped all routine surgery and used the vents that would’ve been in those theatres but we’re currently still running routine surgery so they’re in use. And the elderly are still by far making up the greatest number of admissions although we are seeing younger patients presenting in greater numbers than last time. We’re still run into the ground and have large numbers of medical and nursing staff either testing positive themselv
  12. I’m absolutely not school-bashing - they’re doing absolutely everything they can. Positive cases are inevitable and we just have to accept that. The alternative of going back to home-schooling would genuinely tip me over the edge and I’ve got a child who would get himself up in the morning and crack on with schoolwork without being hassled.
  13. The bairn started secondary school a couple of weeks ago. Within 3 days we were notified that 3 6th formers had tested positive and the whole of 6th form had to isolate whilst they waited on guidance from PHE which they couldn’t get because it was the weekend. A few days later one of the kids in J’s year tested positive. The guidance was for kids that had been in his immediate contact to isolate for 2 weeks but the rest of the year could come in. Siblings of the isolating kids were still instructed to come in as normal. It’s a shitshow. Icing on the cake was when the bairn came back
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