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  1. To be honest, she wasn’t mentioned any more than any other members of the family It’s just certain “journalists” that are unhealthily obsessed by her. Harry was mentioned more than she was as he wasn’t in uniform etc. She really didn’t get much coverage not to mention criticism.
  2. Sly eyes. I don’t like the way she makes up stories to either garner sympathy or to put herself on a pedestal which are then disproven by people who were present and know the facts. I don’t like liars. There are other things but it’s more of a distrust of her motives whilst she makes herself out to be a victim. However I also think her relentless hounding by certain sections of the media is a disgrace. In regards to the funeral and Wooton’s vitriol; she didn’t put a foot wrong yesterday. She was respectful and appropriate and will no doubt be happy to get the hell out of the country.
  3. I’m no fan of Markle but Wooton is scum of the highest order. Couldn’t even wait til tomorrow to spew his bile.
  4. I can hear Lionel Blair turning in his grave. And the GRAMMAR! I’m mourning for the grammar 😑
  5. It’s what she would’ve wanted. Mad fuckers.
  6. Totally understandable. I didn’t say any of their “privilege” is right, just that I don’t feel quite as furious as many people on here appear to.
  7. I agree with a lot of what’s been posted in the last few days. The wall-to-wall coverage of everything including when a royal Corgi sneezes has been ludicrous and, IMO, unnecessary. Rich, Privileged, Old Woman Dies. Ultimately that’s what’s happened. My grandma is 6 months older than the Queen, and is becoming more frail whilst remaining as sharp as ever mentally. She lost her husband 2 years ago too after 72yrs of marriage. She’s been utterly bereft since my grandda died and doesn’t want to be here. So maybe I’m a little less cynical than most of you and feel for them on a human and family level whilst finding the whole pomp and hysteria ridiculous. It’s possible to do both. And as far as I know my grandma didn’t ever meet Paddington.
  8. Sorry to bring it back to a bit of empathy on a human level but he’s had to grieve the death of his mother in front of the world’s media for 5 days solid. I’d probably be a bit short tempered too.
  9. Nurses strike? There isn’t one. There was an RCN ballot due to open on Thursday on potential strike action in the future but that’s been postponed.
  10. Just had an work email saying that it’s business as usual at our place on Monday 19th. All outpatients appointments and surgery going ahead as planned. Staff will get a day in lieu added to their holidays.
  11. Thanks pet, but given my age my skin is incredible 😁
  12. Had a great night at the women’s IT20 at Durham on Saturday. Obviously the crowd wasn’t anywhere near what it would be for the men’s game but it was pretty full and I got to chat to Kate Cross at the end of the game who said the ladies were absolutely chuffed with the crowd and would love to play up here more. England had a comfortable win and Alice Capsey is going to be an absolute star of the future. First international game for the bairn too who had a thoroughly good time 😊
  13. Eh? Which hospital Is cancelling operations because of this? The only line we’ve had at our place is that any flags on site will be at half mast and there’s going to be a book of condolence (I’m sure the RF don’t give a shit what the staff of a hospital think but there you go) There’s certainly no surgery being cancelled.
  14. I’ve been thinking that all week 😖
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