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  1. She’s shit at maths aswell.
  2. She looks absolutely steaming 😁 I reckon Carrie will have a horses head in her bed before the weekend is out.
  3. Bloody hell, have you even left the house? 😆 The bairn hasn’t had it either, although he might have done and I’ve just been one of them nurse mams that tell their kids unless their head is hanging off they’re still going to school.
  4. Langer resigns from the Aussie job. I wonder if Strauss has been on the phone? 😳
  5. So that new baby I had about 5 minutes ago is a teenager next month. That’s weird. Other than that I’ve discovered I’m made of Teflon as I’ve managed to avoid COVID despite being elbows deep in it most nights for the last 2 years.
  6. catmag


    Has he gone? Thank gawd for that. Bloody Hitler complex, that one 🙄 (Thanks Ant. Enjoy the lowered blood pressure for a while 😘)
  7. Sending love Renton. ❤️
  8. It occurred to me this evening that my traditional posts reminding you boys to adjust your clocks accordingly twice a year (not a euphemism) is becoming redundant in this digital age. However, here I am once again on nightshift doing an extra hour for no money, a victim of my own fuckwittery because I did the rota. If you have an old fashioned alarm clock with bells on top and you wake up at 8am then get yourself another hour, you lucky bastard… (PS. Re: the current state of the hospitals. It’s all going to shit again. Don’t make too many extravagant Christmas party plans) Love you, bye! 😘
  9. You’re forgetting that I know what you look like and even if you legitimately collapsed I’d think you were just being a knob 😁
  10. Apologies! Bloody women spoiling your threads with facts and logic..😊
  11. Totally agree with Ginola’s comments that everyone should know how to do basic CPR and I think it should be taught in schools as young as Primary school age. The chances of anyone having a cardiac arrest within feet of a defib outside of hospital is minimal. Starting CPR buys you time to get one to the scene. To have one there within minutes is literally life saving.
  12. For those of you debating, there was no delay to treatment and the players stopping the match made no difference as CPR was started immediately by fellow fans and one of my colleagues. A defib was there within 4 minutes of stewards alerting the medical team.
  13. Yo kiddiewinks. It’s just gone 3am but it feels like 2am. If you have any old-fashioned clocks in your households from the early days of the forum then please adjust them accordingly. And can you clear up those bottles and pizza boxes before I get home from work this morning. Cheers. love, Mam x
  14. Sending you so much love and strength Renton. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. 😢
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