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  1. i would put one up her poop scoop and man handle the breasts ,
  2. hey fish love youre avatar i am a partner in a brewery and we use the exact same picture on a pump clip the beer is called scoundrel one of our better sellers that is all
  3. seems all our players are being linked to chelski . why ?? apparently benni si being chased by them now 26 million ..behave he isnt worth that ,thats where the story stops being creditable we have some good players but chelsea have the money to buy really good players
  4. pboromag


    as much as i have read some of wolfies posts on other boards and having an open mind ie i havent been in space so i cant say hes wrong at times i can see his point i once talked to a man who was a pilot for the black bird spy plane and he once said space wasnt as we thought it was ,i never new then what he meant by this but maybe we havent been in true outer space
  5. hi you gos hows it going hope youre ok kidda you though are a top bloke and i mean that
  6. bunch of bastards the lot of em ,never met a good un yet
  7. great record and a great man bob that is not you for posting
  8. its the owners ball and he doesnt like us playing with it from what i can make out what ever it was they are trying to sweep it under the carpet pity as there were some good lads on there
  9. real name;steve or some no me as tammy age ; 45 born ;cyprus job business owner and entrepreneur favourite club newcastle of course favourite band ,anythink ska northern soul,motown or early british rave scene favourite food ,love a curry or liver and onions favourite drink ,i own a brewery so tydd steam barn ale ,but most real ales or the occasional kronenbourg favourite place , when im with me kids and missus favourite tv show ,any footy game or friends favourite film,scarface or animal farm footy hero.pedro footy villain.barton other teams anyone beating scumberland o
  10. as the title says im steve im an alcoholic and manic depressive i support the toon i live in the fens im married 2 kids ,3 goats and some beef cattle people have said im boring but i dont no why anyway nice to be on the board hope to meet a few of you at games maybe ,it will be fun favourite player ever pedro least favourite player barton best toon player i have ever met gazza best memorys as a toon supporter metz away and me mate trying to get a hard on with a prossie in our room any way hello
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