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    I thought he was...
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    A tyke..possibly worse?
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    I have 3 tats currently and plan more. All are in places often visible. I am not a slag, a thug or any other kind of label you want to bung my way. They make absolutely no difference to how I do my job, which I am very good at. I work in a customer service environment so am "on show" the whole time. It's plain daft to say people shouldn't be employed in front-line roles because they have a tattoo. My tats are all customised and are very personal. I would never dream of getting one for fashion or fun.
  4. I know,but now I'll miss people saying "feck off" every other word...
  5. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to being here. decent spelling....sigh....
  6. Pedro is hot-headed, i grant you that. Maybe you could give the rest of us a chance, though. We have come here in good faith and from a board that yes, was very small, but which until some recent crap was very welcoming. I guess maybe I'm not used to your ways yet and so am not sure when folk are being serious or not. Certainly don't mean to come in and start slagging anyone, hope it hasn't come over like that - apologies if so.
  7. friendly bunch, aren't you?
  8. Hey, Vixxen! kinda weird being here, isn't it? Confused at the mo, but sure it will make sense in time.
  9. was that at me, Monkey? If so did you mean JT? Yup it was -took it off, didn't want to look like I was bragging! I edited his biography, he's a lovely bloke.
  10. Hi all, looking forward tobeing here. I'm another nutz exile.... Greetings to all those I already know, good to see you! Real Name: Helen Age: 46 Birthplace: Yorkshire Whereabouts: The Heed Job: Library/ Info worker / researcher Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Loads. All time musical hero Tom Waits. Love reggae and punk too Favourite Food: pasta Favourite Drink: gin, lager (not in the same glass) Favourite Place: The North, Paris, Kefalonia Favourite Tv Show(s): Merlin, Spooks, footie...not much else, really Favourite Film: To Kill a Mockingbrid Footballing
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