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  1. Why do you insist on posting as if you're addressing other people ........ no one ever replies you knacker Or do you believe you have a fan club? Shit, you do don't you Oh my God.
  2. Nice of you to check out my profile though sad you've fuck all better to do with your life ........ 200 posts and 200 profile views, one idiot per post at this rate
  3. With you? A while back There are some decent people on here although you & young Tom seem to have a very limited vocabulary. Cue 'fuck off'.
  4. Yeah, the one low to his left when he was on his line looked great live but the shot was weaker than it should have been. a good strike and he wouldn't have sniffed it. The 'double punch' out was wise because you had plenty looking around for scraps if he'd dropped it. He's improved to the point where we're starting to worry about bids from the top 4 clubs. De Gea isn't as good, neither of Arsenal's keepers are consistent, Cech is 30 and wears a daft hat.
  5. Yes, from 6 inches out if I remember after you were given a wrongly awarded free kick ............... btw is he out for the season or is that just more Pardew smokescreen?
  6. That's really funny, how do you make it all up ........ think back to your school days?
  7. I know a lot about Al Qaeda but it doesn't mean I used to knock about with Osama bin Laden and live in a cave.
  8. Your wit knows no start does it? Interesting avatar by the way, do you remember when Newcastle social services tried to introduce helper monkeys for your benefit claimants? There were problems with the fleas, constant screeching and disgusting hygiene ........... sadly the monkeys just couldn't stand it and they had to cancel the scheme
  9. That's quite a fair point but I'm not just generalising. You're speaking from your personal experience and I from mine but, on a forum such as this, generalisations will happen. 'All Mackems are inbred scruffs' for example, which is the kind of thing regularly posted on here. I'm not basing my opinion on the general perception of Newcastle fans because I'm not a TV watching dummy who never goes to matches and has opinions formed for me. Besides, my comments are addressed to the gloating knob-heads and not to reasonable people such as yourself. I've noticed you haven't called me
  10. That's not much though is it, especially at home in a derby. The curler from Jonas was going wideand I was pissed off with Mignolet for his Holywood save. What were the others?
  11. It wasn't but it was fucking funny, I'm very glad to have been present. Claiming all that because I've posted on here is a bit daft and no matter how many times you repeat it won't be true. I'd happily swap that win for any of the things you mention, it was a great win but a trophy, of any kind including the league cup would be infinitely better. If Newcastle win the derby you never shut up about it, we win the derby and you claim it's no big deal ........ you always have and you always will. We always want to beat Newcastle and are happy when we do and pissed off when we don't, I
  12. Not particularly, Mignolet is having far less to do and Newcastle & Everton hardly bothered us. Chelsea disn't do that much better. We scored from a corner at Chelsea although it was an OG as he tried to clear an on target header. The players have been encouraged to shoot from outside the box and that's the result. You can pick any 3 games and find a pattern if you look hard enough but it doesn't worry me. Graham should have scored, from inside the box against Everton, but tbf Howard made a great save. Johnson was one on one and should've done better. Besides, we're short of str
  13. Really hard to tell as Di Canio's just arrived tbh. It obviously depends on what money Short gives him, who we can sell on and what players can be attracted without paying daft money. Di Canio's obviously got off to a flyer despite the injury problems. Losing your captain, striker and new centre half on long term injuries isn't ideal. The thing is no one knows whether Di Canio can keep producing but the fitness and tactics are way ahead of what we've suffered this season. One thing is clear, he may come across as deranged but he talks football sense and has transformed the likes o
  14. It's not getting any funnier, keep repeating it as you usually do and we'll see eh?
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