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  1. let's be honest, if you die of COVID-19 people will cheer
  2. You know what’s worrying me about the further extension of this lockdown, apart from the obvious? Northumbria Police and how they will respond to any perceived insubordination or disobedience by members of the public as the warmer weather comes. Historically, the force were zealous enforcers of moustachioed lothario, former Chief Constable and institutional swinger Michael Craik’s vicious and authoritarian The Party’s Over strategy, ready to take up cudgels with minimal reason to eradicate any shows of hedonism. When one sees that constabularies across the country have already received public
  3. Tommy the taxi driver seems a good bloke; as a remainer taxi driver he may well be unique Patrick the chef is from Biarritz; i used to play against him in the Over 40s league - had a canny dig on him
  4. we could end up looking like complete Burkas if we try to Ramadam a Muslim pun into every post
  5. I would have voted Green, because I fully endorse their pro EU strategy, but all this save the planet environmental shit gets on my tits.
  6. Newcastle is a majority Muslim city, so it's only right the club is Muslim owned. Inshallah
  7. Just been to the greengrocer’s; “I'd like one of those small oranges that are so popular at this time of year.” “Mandarin?” he asked, so I replied; “我想要一個如此受歡迎的小橙子 一年的這個時候”
  8. you will kill me; i know that & you know that
  9. Okay. So, this is about a person with greater physical power, emotional power, intellectual power, using that, not for the greater good, but for their own means, their own ends or, their own gratification. I have come across some horrendous cases. The majority have been about undermining people, pressurising people; belittling. It’s almost like the overall reason has been to get the victim, and from a personal point of view, looking at these cases, perhaps not dispassionately, this is what’s led me to a belief that the victim is collateral damage, that it isn’t targeted. It’s almost like a cid
  10. touts beware..... if you weren't such a hopeless spastic you'd know i'm on the dole, you fucking worthless evil cunt - hate you & hope you die
  11. severe episodes of paranoia, manic interludes & an unending wish to be murdered
  12. i didn't say the first thing & yeah, it's a bit of an understatement to say i'm having a bad time. i trying to provoke someone into killing me
  13. i would love to cum all over your face
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