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Found 5 results

  1. http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=684080 ha ha ha ha ha; fucking clowns
  2. I'll start. This is THE shittest pub I've ever been in, in my life, you're probably looking and thinking aye it will be some out of town place the equivalent of Benwell or Killingworth. This is fuckin their city centre and one of their most central pubs. Used to walk past it, went in once when I missed me train home, some 50 year old woman came up to me and said "comeeyur hineyy geez a keess", hasten to add I never went back again.
  3. 3-1 to us, Mitrovic hat-trick before he gets sent off for an over exuberant celebration.
  4. sunderland v Newcastle United (21/10/2012) Team News Krul and S.Taylor both might return for this one, but Coloccini is likely to be back. It could be the 1st game where we've had all of our 1st choice team on the pitch at the same time. For them, Brown and Bardsley are both potentially back as well. McClean is there other injured player and I've no insight what-so-ever into whether he'll be back or not. Blah Blah Fletcher has scored all of their league goals so far. You can't deny he's in form (apparently scoring "when he wants", but given they've amassed a sum total of 1 win, scoring 5 & conceding 7 as they do, you have to ask what why he doesn't want to score more often? Also, why no one else wants to score? For me? Coloccini or Taylor should be able to handle the majority of his game and as long as Tiote and Cabaye have a handle on the midfield so the supply is stifled we should be in a position to worry more about our own lads finding the back of the net. Most of Fletchers goals have come down their right hand side, which makes it another game where the Ferguson/Jonas/Santon debate will be paramount. Personally I think we need the experience of Simpson, Jonas and Santon in this game, then when the mackem legs are tired send out “Our Shane”. Another concern is that Shane is still fairly lightweight and sunderland’s midfield is more industrial than the Middlesbrough skyline. Cattermole and Gardner are just cloggers and there’s more of their antics creeping into Colbacks game. I’d expect them to put a few reducers on HBA, Cabaye et al early doors and if Cattermole goes the first half without picking up at least one Yellow Card I’ll give £30 to the SBR Foundation (A straight red counts). Mignolet has been playing well and looks comfortable coming for crosses and stopping shots, after Fletcher I’d say he was their most important player. They’ve dropped points from winning positions in 3 of their 6 league games so far, so we needn’t panic if Fletcher does grab an early goal. Reckon this shows how reliant they are on him to be honest; if there were other goal scorers they may well have gone on to win those games. Also all but one of our league goals have come in the second half so if we can score 1st or simply prevent them from scoring in the first half we should win this. I want a return to the 4-3-3 but I expect 4-4-2 with HBA and Jonas operating on the flanks. Ba and Cisse to start up front, but the mackem-Slayer straining to get on that pitch. I'm praying to see a back four of Santon, Colo, Taylor and Simpson and that back four should be able to deal with whatever sunderland can create. Krul Simpson Taylor Coloccini Santon Ben Arfa Cabaye Tiote Jonas Cisse Ba Right now, if everyone gets back from injury, I'm confident of a win by a couple of goals (closer to the date this optimism will rapidly disappear). If the following back five takes the field, well Hell it could be any score line. Harper Anita Perch Williamson Ferguson
  5. Can't even get statues right. Stokoe must be turning in his grave at the indignity of this, he looks like a paedo coming out the bushes. So does the statue of Stokoe.
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