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  1. iv been a mag probly longer than you have and the term " toon " was created by sky sports in the early 1990's. As for RTG i aint got a clue what that is ??
  2. any finish against them fckers is a good finish. you are getting very boring now by the way
  3. Hope not after what the cunt done to us. he will score goals so im undecided on this one. Would you like to see him here mate ?
  4. If you are talking about me im not a fckin mackem nor am i a geordie.. im a yacker.. a mag yacker who annoys the fitlth and constantly gloats about the scum being in our shadow. Dont know why i have to constantly justify who i am like but you lot dont seem to bright.
  5. Thanks for the back up mate... im only stating that im worried for our club and i get all this " you are a mackem " bullshit . need to open their eyes some of the bells on here like
  6. Hello again.. been away and now im back.. my IP address ? im from horden in county durham yes.. and i also have lots of mag mates from this area. If it wasnt for our support our groung wouldnt be full every other week. so i dont really get what you are saying.. next question please
  7. Pretend ??.. don't be so fucking precious pet. You might be blind to our set up but i aint. If you want to be a window licking sheep, go ahead. Our club is falling to bits and being run by idiots, and you cant see this ? fcking hell
  8. Quite childish that mind.. And you are a Moderator ?
  9. Not very happy my thread title has been raped . Don't know why people are thinking i'm a fckin mackem ffs. Is it because i'm being a little realistic about the coming season ? Get a grip and open your eyes.
  10. Bad thing ? Massive scum fan and hates us with a passion( friend of workmates family ). Hes only been a Millwall for a short while so i'm hoping this is rubbish
  11. Wife waxed me before i had it done.. what do i win ?
  12. I have a small NUFC tattoo on me chest. How many posts do i go to then ? It hurt like fuck by the way
  13. Just looked at wiki and, aye he did. Hope this is just bollocks then eh ?
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