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  1. Always had a bit of a soft spot for ZZ Top, possibly due to the ladies with questionable morals in their 80's videos
  2. He needs to stop trying to reinvent himself as some kind of footballing renaissance man and just accept the fact he's a thug.
  3. Crazies and conmen the lot of them
  4. https://borisjohnsonsocialcareplan.com/
  5. At least Pardew reined his twat like tendencies in for a year or so after getting the job, although he was always going to revert to type. This slovenly turd started making his bacon grease covered gob go after 2 fucking days. Absolutely no redeeming features to the man, and I use the term man very loosely.
  6. Looking like Rodney Dangerfield in his Caddyshack days. Like Rodney, Bruce also gets no respect.
  7. What a time to be alive.
  8. As some wag on Twitter said, he's been given number 7 because that's equal to the amount of good minutes he's played for us
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