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  1. Funny pictures thread

  2. Other Games 17/18

    Aye, not sorry I sacked Sky off a few years back. Only get BT Sport because I've got my broadband from them.
  3. Nice too see Steve McClaren working his magic again at QPR Still beggars belief that shit-eating grinning clown wound up managing us.
  4. Never claimed to be original
  5. Either that or he had a paper round in Chernobyl.
  6. What's all this rubbish on Twitter about some ref quitting because he got caught noncing a dog?
  7. Yes Gemmill...

    D-E-C-E-A-S-E-D Soon they will be burying me. Too soon?
  8. Other Games 17/18

  9. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    You can extend that to the whole of the internet tbf. I first went online in '96 before the days of social media, when there was only message boards and the like, and it was a land of milk and honey compared to the shithole it is now.
  10. Rafael's asian assault on Spurs

    https://www.football365.com/news/f365s-early-loser-newcastle-and-wasted-opportunities Can't argue with any of that
  11. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

  12. Rafael's asian assault on Spurs

  13. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Well, he robbed a long career here with the fat cunt, so not surprised he's sticking up for him

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