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  1. @AngelaHaggerty Aye. Pure shite in Newcastle. Absolutely pissing down :(

  2. RT @TheClumpany: To be fair to Hargreaves I'd never heard of Ronaldo before tonight... https://t.co/9Ge1kqywDC

  3. RT @hrtbps: YES THERE FUCKING IS @theresa_may #bbcqt #GE2017 https://t.co/yM5EOONx7U

  4. RT @bet365: Celtic’s domestic record under Brendan Rodgers: ⏱ 47 games ???? 43 wins ⚽️ 134 goals ???? 3 trophies ???? 0 defeats https://t.co/Kvzonf…

  5. @paullarkin74 Nee pints around the match, but have enjoyed several beers now i’m back in the house :) Hail Hail from tyneside No.1 CSC :)

  6. @SimonRoffe yup. ’twas class. have you seen ‘get out’ yet? really good and thought provoking long after it’s finished

  7. @tfeditor1892 It is class like. Kevin Spacey just heeling it up to the Nth degree :)

  8. RT @MundialMag: "GET RID OF IT" https://t.co/BcaJ2LOk6L

  9. @Strakermaker aye. typical NUFC.. pissing their game. man sent off and pen in the villa game. all looks lost and th… https://t.co/Q0WqTpuMQt

  10. RT @nellyscupcakes: Quote of the day from @FeedTheHoss 'not to be a dick but you are going to make cream cheese frosting, right?'

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