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  1. Gotta try something completely different or we wont get fuck all from these last 7 games. Subs: Sissoko, Taylor, Townsend, Shelvey, Anita, Cisse and Darlow Woodman Lascelles Mbemba Dummet Janmaat Tiote Wijnaldum Saivet De Jong Mitrovic Perez
  2. Colbacks lazy try to save the ball on the goal line, tired of the useless ginger prick. Glad he's banned.
  3. 4-5 players stood there unchallenged flipping coins over who was gonna take that goal scoring shot
  4. The defense when Sunderland scored, heartless powderpuff defending.
  5. I see a goal by Cisse coming up in 5 mins
  6. couldnt sign any defenders even with all the money in the world. our by far biggest weakness and he couldnt do it. only god knows why.
  7. i like how mclaren looks like he's feeling all doom and gloom during the match, but always so optimistic and happy in the post-match interviews. true shite.
  8. townsend is just another player with no end product, we might aswell play obertan. he might even be better.
  9. tbh the rest of this fixture is looking really bad for us. we can't match any team in the league with the style of play we have atm. mclaren out!
  10. shelvey - decent replacement for colback, but his lack of proffessionalism is gonna get the better of him townsend - just shit saivet - complety unknown player, supposed to be a defensive player for us, but played all his life in the attacking role. gouffran 2 doumbia - potentially our saviour, but mclaren is just so full of bs, he's not gonna play him to his full strengths.
  11. absolute shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there's not even a remote sign of him becoming a great fotballer. one trick pony!
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