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  1. League Cup 2014/15

    QPR also haven't scored in their two league games. If only they had that proven scorer we're craving..
  2. Villa (A)

    A bit worried we haven't scored but it's not like we didn't create anything. Surely one of Williamson, Gouffran and Cabella should score and it makes the day a lot rosier. I think the reaction to Riviere is harsh as well. The service was poor, most of the time just lumping it to him with Vlaar up his arse. Even if he wins it there's nothing around him. De Jong will be key.
  3. Sounds like they have a few unfit players according to the bluemoon forum. Hope they don't go with 3 in midfield because without Tiote we'll get tanked in there.
  4. Jonas Gutierrez

    I've been calling for them to move Jonas on for a while, probably like everyone else, but the manner of it is embarrassing.
  5. What's the word on Tiote? It sounds like De Jong should be ok but haven't heard anything about Cheick.

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