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  1. i would take defoe, but not as a marque signing like sunderland. if we sold cisse to swansea for £8m as speculated then I would give defoe an 18month contract on around £40k with large goal and assist bonus. As it stands I would say newcastle don't need a player like defoe as perez is performing as well as anyone at the moment. Cisse, well I'd like to see the back of him. 29 years old and too inconsistent.
  2. No complaint from me. Newcastle were very good in the first half and unlucky not to be 2 or 3 up but as they say class shines through. A quick corner ( in my opinion should have been retaken) and standing off costa cost us the game. But least we turned up and didn't just roll over.
  3. Won't hold my breath for a decent head coach
  4. its not a good move for ashleys model but its a good move for the fans. if we get just money ashley will pocket it, however if we get a decent player too thats better. even if it is a non starter. there will a lot more shit coming throughout the trasfer window
  5. damn, hoped you would bite at that haha. we dont know what cabaye may or may not do, thats football. its unlikely! but if money was the issue then its not unheard of clubs paying a percentage of a wage for the remainer of their contract so they would move on.
  6. since money is not invested properly back into newcastle united i would take their hands off for this offer! Thoughts?
  7. newcastle are a stepping stone club
  8. we could use a shola about now
  9. never assume the assumable my friend
  10. I take it this is in relation to the chronicle reporting PSG would like to sign Sissoko in exchange for cabaye and a bit money? lets be honest last year we would have been begging for this! Sissoko our best player, our driving force, the player grinding our results for us by taking the game by the scruff of the neck! On the other hand cabaye is a very clever player that would link up very well with perez in my opinion. Cabaye is also the type of player that could pick a pass out for our pacey players like cabella, obertan and aarons, unlocking defences with that hollywood pass. if you want entertaining football cabaye is the man. scruff of the neck and dog work is sissoko. However Cabaye is also 4 years older than sissoko. All in all a lot to consider but we know as fans we have no say, just love to speculate.
  11. Agreed, carver doesn't fit the bill from a fans perspective. He's a Geordie and I'd love him to do well but I just don't think he has it in his locker, if he even has a locker
  12. Oh dear john. You say you value the fa cup yet you play a second string team against Leicester away. I must admit I didn't follow the game but have read the reports on sky sports and must say... Come on john, what the hell was that? Several recognised players having poor games including tiote. Armstrong being trusted yet again in what must be classed as a 'must win' game, not just for the fans but for carver if he wants this job until the summer or heaven forbid full time. If this is his best shot then carver isn't good enough.
  13. Newcastle looking to appoint a head coach.... This should be good
  14. I cant say that i would complain too much. Not sure he would be my first choice but we dont know who is on the shortlist. I think the england job was just too big for him. players didnt respect him. Done a decent job at boro, they flopped when he left. As you guys have said hes been decent abroad and at derby. going off topic byt one way someone could improve newcastle would be to drop tiote. if carver sticks with the 4-2-3-1 the line up has to be: Alnwick janmaat colo dummet santon colback sissoko perez cabella gouffran riviere sissoko to play in the role yaya does for man city
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