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  1. Rafa Benitez

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  2. Rafa Benitez

    I think early days, especially with your battle at the moment he will certainly tighten up defensively. Generally I enjoyed his style of play, it is not out and out attacking football, but it's not dull either. All his teams had solid defences, and were also hard working ones. He likes a play maker in midfield, when Xabi Alonso was with us he is what I would describe as a real Benitez type player. Don't be surprised if he goes back to Spain for some of your players. He still has good connections there, but we picked up some pretty good ones from there. Our best moment's was when he had the team working as a unit. We defended and attacked as a unit. I think with Rafa its always a vision and you need to see it this way. He will build from the back, but he does allow the team to attack in numbers. I think early days he will work hardest on your defence, try and use tactics that use the best of the players you have, and make it harder for the opposition. I have few doubts that he will get you some unexpected points this season. Beyond that it depends what kind of backing he gets from Ashley, if he backs him as he should sit back and just enjoy the journey he takes you on. We had some brilliant nights especially in Europe with him, and in the league too. He is what I would describe as a real football man, the old school type and he is way more likeable and open then the media make him out to be. Should he win you some trophies, I have little doubt he will become a real favourite with you.
  3. Rafa Benitez

    Hi guys, Liverpool fan here, I wanted to wish you guys luck, especially as Rafa has signed to be your new manager. I will say you have a bloody good guy here now, he will work hard for you and the club. I really hope you remain patient with him, and with luck it will be the Mackens who go down, rather than you lot. As a manager I would have him back at Liverpool in a heartbeat (if Kloop ever went). He is someone who truly understands the connections that fans have for their club, and I am sure you'll be no different. People will say he is past his best, don't believe them, this guy has loads left yet, and at the right club he will achieve plenty. I feel pretty sure he would not have agreed to come here if he wasn't being promised the tools for the job, he is no fool. It was Rafa that really alerted us to what Hicks and Gillette were up to. If he has to fight battles with a club to do his job, he will always do that. The media claim he looks for the fights, but to me that is rubbish. He is just someone who takes no nonsense and if the club go back on their word, you will get to hear it, one way or another. Hope you manage to survive anyway, and rest assured you new guy will get a good reception at Anfield. Though I cannot promise you the the three point.

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