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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to the club, hopefully you can drag the club out of this sorry mess.
  2. Should probably get your votes in pronto. It's a win for me. We were 13/5 outsiders yesterday and have been shortened up to as little as 13/8 favourite in some places. Odd to see a football team move that much in the market. 1-2
  3. Can someone set up a poll for this please. Providing we finish 1st or 2nd we have 8 games left with Rafa in charge (yes I know he's supposed to be on a 3 year contract) but we know football contracts mean bugger all these days. Also we have suspicions that Rafa's contract may well have been fractured given Ashley's interference in January. I can hear people now, saying "hang on Trooper" & all that but it really is "the elephant in the room" we know that Rafa gave Charnley a list of players in October for the January window . As the month wore on it was becoming obvious that we weren't signing anyone. Then just as the window was closing it looked like Rafa seemed confident about "signing one" (Townsend) After the 3-0 thrashing by Oxford in the league cup & the presser before the QPR match Rafa was asked "why there were know signings" he was made to look like a guy who wasn't in the loop & I felt embarrassed for him when he said "he didn't know" the QPR match finished 2-2 & I remember Rafa looking furious on the touchline during the match he kept saying things to his coaches I imagined it being "if only we'd signed Townsend" I can't help think that the water between Ashley/ Charnley & Rafa has been sullied I can't help think Rafa has decided to see this season out hopefully get promotion then call it a draw knowing Keegan was right when he said " You can't work with these people they know nothing about football" I suppose we'll know in a few weeks but if Rafa does decide to leave, the blame should land on Ashley's shoulders & every single Newcastle United supporter no matter were they are should make it known how you feel. I'm ready for the bed wetter backlash but I feel it's a fair question to be asked & it requires an answer sooner rather than later. Now over to you lot what do you think ?
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