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  1. Yes, we have our own problems. Riad wanted to go for nearly 2 years and I think/hope he will in the Summer, it seems that every transfer window he wants to go and is waiting at the Airport ready to fly to whichever destination is willing to pay. If he doesn't get his wish he has a strop, goes on strike for two weeks and to be honest I would be glad if he left. Most of the players need replacing. Our Manager has been chopping and changing the team so much over the last 6 months and his team selection has baffled everyone even before the game has started. We manage a clean sheet against Southamp
  2. You are right, Leicester does not have the fan base or the stadium as big as Newcastle, but we have the money, owners, and ambition to get there. We just need a Manager who has the same ambition. If Rafa leaves Newcastle and that is a BIG if I hope he chooses Leicester. If Ashley does sell and leaves and you get proper owners I hope Rafa stays with Newcastle. That is because I would like to see Rafa have the chance to build something from the ground up.
  3. Rafa is a great Manager. To be honest he has come in and bought Newcastle back up to the Premiership where they belong. If Newcastle are in turmoil and you have a Manager that has the pedigree of Rafa, he will be linked to other clubs, not just Leicester.
  4. I am sorry if I made the impression that I know Newcastle better then Newcastle Fans. Truth is that I don't. Have been to St James Park only 3 times.
  5. Ashley never spent any money apart from the season when McClaren took charge. Ashley only wanted to keep Newcastle in Premiership so that he could keep the revenue on TV deal. He had no ambition to challenge for anything. His only goal was to NOT get relegated. Rafa has ambition but without Money, his hands are tied. Will he be at Newcastle next season? Chelsea will need a new Manager. My club, Leicester are looking. What about Arsenal? Could he go to anyone of those clubs? All of those clubs offer money to spend. Arsenal and Chelsea are in London which to some offer the big lights
  6. Ashley won't sell until he gets the price he wants. Why would Ashley put money into his pocket and spend on a transfer market if he knows he is going.
  7. LCFC Fan in peace. I think that Benitez will stay. I am sure he loves Newcastle, the city, the stadium and most importantly the fans. NUFC have the foundation to build something and be one of the biggest clubs in Europe. It would be a shame if Rafa went as I think the price of NUFC would go down if Rafa went. Ashley will not sell for anything lower than £350 million. Not sure if Newcastle is worth that at the moment but it does have the potential to be worth more then that.
  8. I am a Leicester Fan but have a soft spot for Newcastle and have since the days of Keegan. Been to Newcastle numerous times for the GNR and love the sound of Geordies accent.
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