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  1. This would be correct if we had similar allocations to other teams. But when some teams like blackpool last season are only selling 30% of their stadium they give Sunderland a big lump of the seats knowing that they wont be all sold.
  2. Mate you look like a thumb and posing in your avatar loool... Rocking a yellow belt in your hand me down Gi at your local community centre. Calm down Eddie Bravo.
  3. Not from Wallsend. Born in Jesmond, raised in Durham City and living in Nice since my mid twenties after studying at Sorbonne and meeting my partner there who is a Nice native. Currently work in Genova for one of Genova Industrie Naval's sister company. Great job as I get to work from home/anywhere. Only a three hour flight and company pays for it. But anyways back to football, where did Rafa go? Thought he loved the fans and Newcastle. Aye? But don't worry, when Newcastle is finally sold I'm sure he will be back... "cause he undastandz tha geordie naysh
  4. As for Byrne, during the initial questioning, they released him as they didn't have enough evidence to charge. She withheld key info. SAFC fans supported him as he was released without charge then as he was later charged I didn't hear a peep out of any fan that would contribute as support. He got six years and Byrne got sacked. Going on like all safc fans forced her to suck his dick haha ya melt
  5. Show me this thread? I got a two year ban for joking about Byrne three years after the event... So wrang again gravy boy
  6. Shite hole, like most of the north east... live in Nice now work Genova
  7. Bent left because he wanted 120,000 a week and we wouldn't pay him it that some Turkish club would. When we said no he stayed and then villa came in and offered him the 120,000 a week he was after in Turkey. Bent and Quinn both have said this on the roker report podcast. Same as Gyan, same as Henderson etc. None left because of the fans, the left to play for bigger clubs on bigger wages competing for hugger trophies. And if you think the safc fans contributed to the championship relegation then you're equally as stupid as the fans who think Ashley doesn't run the club more sustai
  8. I stated the under investment? That counters your point you whopper (deflect isn't the correct term youre after but I guess what you mean) Sizeable amount of your fan base spat on wor sir Bobby, punched horses, trashed the high street after the first 0-3, moked Liverpool fans after Hillsborough. I could go on. Going on like butter wouldn't melt ya gravy stained, sausage roll honking bassa
  9. Got an average of 32k last season, only team relative to that is Leeds who spent 3 season in league one and averaged 26, 22 and 21k averages. As for the fans to blame I think it was four year of under investment that did it and wasting their budget on crap. Short put the club in the wrong hands with Byrne and Cingerton and they took him to the cleaners. Even though he took them down to League one, Short seems well liked for cutting his losses writing the debts off and choosing their new owners. Seems like they could have some new owners in and their current owners as
  10. Didnt say sold out like... Not far off though, taking 3-7k week in week out in that pitiful league isn't something to be sniffed at. The football's terrible
  11. They are like, Peterborough game, just under 4k for a league one game at Peterborough... Around 300 left to buy at the gates and here were the crazy prices... £28 for most! Adults: £28 Seniors 65+: £23 U22s: £19 U18s: £11 U12s: £5
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