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  1. All the best for the season lads and lasses,proper cup tie last night 2 teams going at it,its what the FA Cup is all about......now to concentrate on getting promoted
  2. The absolute lack of respect right here, 99.9% of geordies have been absolutely brilliant, someone tell this bloke you was supposed to beat us yesterday.....buzzing for the replay we'll have our top 3 players back.......brilliant day yesterday, what a city great away day
  3. See ya back in oxford lads and lasses UTFO
  4. Early start tomorrow UP THE OX
  5. Over 3.5k sold for Saturday should reach 4k, what sort of side you think bruce will play?
  6. Hopefully I'll be to pissed to notice how cold it is
  7. https://www.oufc.co.uk/news/2020/january/newcastle-ticket-details/
  8. Yeah should be around 3k,1700 were sold in the first day of sales I'm sure the club will update it towards the end of the week, great value well done to both clubs to agree the match ticket prices....we took just over 3k to Middlesbrough a couple of years ago
  9. Travelling up at 7am Saturday morning so should be in your fine city for 12pm ish
  10. Maybe some of the 3k plus might join ya 😂😂
  11. Think I'll pass on that one
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