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  1. "The plastic mags will be bringing a DVD out." Even in their own match threads they make it about us ! https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/gateshead-v-sunderland-friendly-ko-17-00-gateshead-international-stadium-streamed-on-safsee.1636730/page-34#post-41059322
  2. I’m sometimes accused of being uncultured, but at least I know a bit of Beethoven when I see it.
  3. Yeah, he was always on sky sports racing, the presenter on the show today nearly broke down as he was talking about it live on sky sports racing just now.
  4. I'm sad to read this. Don't be too hard on yourself Renton, we all make mistakes. You've just made a mistake that's all. The fact that you've admitted your mistake and want to quit again is a good sign, it shows that deep down you want to stop and get your life back on track. You say you are in hell at the moment but when you are in hell just keep walking, take it one day at a time, things will soon start to look better as each day goes by. The people you've hurt will forgive you in time I'm sure of it. Think positive thoughts and have a plan to make it up to the people you have hurt, you'll automatically feel better if you imagine in your mind how you will make it up to them. In time what you are going through now will help make you stronger in the future and you will get through this.
  5. Confident of beating the Dutch ?
  6. Unbelievable that the only team to beat Spain..so far in the entire Euro Championships including the qualifiers...was Scotland !
  7. I just read the comments on that article and the highest rated comment was this... "This sort of thing is hard to believe but the way the league is set up purely to protect the chosen 6, unfortunately it is probably accurate. How on earth can a club with zero debt and "the richest owners" be forced to sell their best players to balance the books, whilst clubs who have hundreds of millions of pounds in debt, allowed to do whatever they please. Its disgusting and anti competitive" wasn't me btw 😃
  8. I seen what you did there, very good. Cliff Thorburn's nickname was "The Grinder" 😎
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