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  1. Dear MF I'm so sad to hear that your dad has passed away The bairns will be fine, because you are there for them take care mate
  2. The UK is "now seeing a second wave" of Covid-19, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said, adding "it's been inevitable we'd see it in this country".
  3. Blackstone Chambers wouldn't let ashley in unless he changed his dan dare jeans, ashley said "no, fack you ! " It's all over
  4. What a horrible stuck up twat Rees-mogg is.
  5. Bruce is such a good manager, it only took him 40 ish appearances throughout the season to suss out that he is shit
  6. "Put the mask on " says the swan
  7. Aye, masks as well. Until cleveland police banned them. The mackems also done the same.
  8. I see the smoggies game v Bournemouth has been chosen by the EFL as one of the games to trial having fans back, 1,000 per game. This will be a great crowd attendance for them
  9. I never knew that. I think a lot of clubs who were struggling before covid could also follow them. And yet Premier League footballers are getting paid 200K per week ! Must be some way to filter some of that money down to lower league clubs.
  10. Macclesfield Town are in the clarts, could be the first of a lot of clubs that get into real bad financial trouble.
  11. I forgot Donald Pleasence used to play in goal for man u
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