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  1. He'll probably just play a 5-5-0 formation.
  2. Kane, Moura & Son scoring for fun
  3. Where Now?

    Could well be propping the table up this Sunday night after Spurs
  4. Bit of London Advice

    Cheers Gloomy mate thanks for the information it's all helping. It looks like they've found a car park virtually across the road from where they're staying it's costing £60 for the 2 days.
  5. Bit of London Advice

    No worries mate honestly you've been very helpful I really appreciate it thankyou
  6. Bit of London Advice

    One more thing @Meenzer Miss T said do you know of any car parks close to the Travelodge mate
  7. Bit of London Advice

    Cheers Meenz that's very helpful mate
  8. Bit of London Advice

    Forgot to add they'll have to of the grandkids with them 6 & 9 cheers again
  9. Bit of London Advice

    The kids are driving to London stopping overnight in Lesta. They're staying in Travelodges the one in London is at Southwark any reasonable priced places to eat around that area pubs cafes etc. Any places they should avoid thanks in advance. Steve aka Trooper
  10. Ashley's United V Lesta League Cup 2nd Round

    But Bruce said the 1st week of the season cups were priority. Having said that the 2nd week he's now said survival in the Premiership is priority.
  11. Ashley's United V Lesta League Cup 2nd Round

    Kid on N.O. reckons as of 10pm last night there just over 4,800 tickets sold
  12. https://book.nufc.co.uk/en-GB/events/newcastle united -v- leicester city/2019-8-28_19.45/st james park?hallmap Despite adult tickets being £11 & Juniors & Seniors only £6 a quick check on the website shows there are absolutely thousands of tickets available
  13. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    They're reporting he's got confidence issues now
  14. Joelinton

    A scan has shown there was no significant damage to the 23-year-old, with Bruce more worried about the harm done to the young striker’s confidence than his hip after he missed an easy header with the score at 0-0 in Norfolk. With that in mind, Newcastle’s coaching staff are trying to lift Joelinton’s spirits and are wary of seeing him lose confidence in the midst of the team’s early season struggles.

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