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  1. Both me & Mrs T have admitted to each other we took our eye off the ball regarding Master T. As he's so switched on kind, caring just a nice 18 year old lad. But I think yesterday hit home to him how much he really means to us. 6 days ago as I held his hand waiting for the taxi to take him to hospital. He was so cold & distant he wasnt our son. Yesterday was so much different we were able to laugh & joke & it felt like it used to be. He's got his sense of humour back. I'm sure we're going to be ok.
  2. Thanks lads honestly it means a lot
  3. Hi lads just a quick update about Master T we were allowed to visit him in the mental hospital at Ryhope yesterday it's the first time we've seen him in 6 days. He was allowed to go to the local Asda by himself yesterday morning for a few toiletries etc. We got there for one & we were able to take him for a run in the car. He fancied a KFC so we took him for one. Talking to him in the car it was apparent he was back to his normal self. He completed detox on Saturday & has been eating & sleeping well. It's been a massive eye opener for him I think, as he's seen some of the poor bugg
  4. Schools shut from tomorrow does that mean they're shut from midnight tonight or from tomorrow afternoon ?
  5. The “fundamental advice for everyone is to stay at home” and it will become law, she says, like it was during the lockdown in March. People will only be allowed to leave for essential reasons
  6. Ireland & wales next & Boris will do the same in a few days time the tosser
  7. Sturgeon announces new 'stay at home' restrictions The Scottish government has decided to introduce from tonight “a legal requirement to stay at home except for essential reasons” First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says.
  8. Sturgeon 'to announce strict stay at home message' on at 2pm
  9. Boris should be on the telly tonight announcing a hard lockdown. I'm not sure what hes waiting for. He's probably waiting to see what the other home nations do first. He should be leading the way. The blokes a fucking danger.
  10. Just trying to add a bit of humour into a shit situation. We know Boris is useless & all the other home nations have done better. I cant say it enough how much of a cunt Boris is. If your offended I'm sorry.
  11. Scotland's First Minister "Wee Jimmy Krankie" is expected to address the Holyrood Parliament this afternoon after holding talks with her cabinet to discuss further coronavirus measures
  12. Of course it is. Its nowt to do with Boris acting too slow. Ignoring his medical advisors & never answering a question properly at the press conferences. The amount of times he says " over to you Chris anything to add JVT" Actually the questions are at you. When they say Prime Minister & ask you a question. They expect you to answer you incompetent bumbling idiot. Not pass it over like a bag of dog shit.
  13. On the BBC Tiers 'no longer strong enough' with new variant - Hancock When schools open, disease spreads more - Hancock
  14. I know mate I read it & didnt know wether to post it. He's an utter shithouse
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