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  1. Probably be pitch invasions at nearly every ground today. Hopefully everyone stays safe because when it happens the police are powerless to stop it
  2. Trafalgar Square will be awash with "blue pop & cheesy chip" vomit tonight
  3. They're still a million miles away from the Premiership
  4. Win or lose i expect the inbreds will be on the pitch
  5. I hope Wycombe stick it right up them today
  6. I'd imagine the Premiership teams are ordering a supply of brown trousers for next seasons visits to SJP
  7. Wor Flags promised something special & didn't dissapoint. I'd imagine the players got a massive lift walking out the tunnel to see that
  8. Nice in depth analysis of tonight's game from Sky. Theyve spent the last 35 minutes talking about anything but tonight's game. The utter shithouses
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