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  1. 3 Questions For Ashley

    Or his tounge
  2. Rafa Benitez on the takeover. Ashley told me the takeover (with PCP) would not go through, that was 2-3 weeks ago. But he told me we would work together to try & get players in the transfer window. We have targets & we are trying to progress Rafa Benitez on transfers Mike Ashley has a list of names. He has the names & targets & he told me he would try to do something. We are looking to bring in anyone who is good enough to improve us, permanent or loan. It was positive. Rafa Benitez on his future Does the takeover or lack of it, impact on it? My future is tomorrow against #MCFC, that is it. Football is football, but I am not thinking about that Rafa on Lennon: “There are a lot of names. In two hours there will be another. So we don’t mention names. Rafa Benitez on Amanda Staveley The financier said Rafa Benitez was key to any deal. Fine, but my focus is on the here & now Rafa Benitez on transfers Nothing happening with one day until his self-imposed deadline. We are in the situation. Nothing coming in or going out.
  3. Ashley's response to The Times interview with Stavely On Friday morning, a source close to Mike Ashley told SSN: ” We are not aware of any bid that doesn’t contain relegation clauses and we are not considering any further talks with PCP Capital Partners.
  4. I'm not sure we'll see Amanda & PCP again "Suggestions we were wasting time or not serious is absurd it's hurtful extremly hurtful"
  5. 3 Questions For Ashley

    As the title says you've 3 questions for Ashley what would you ask ? 1.)First off how much money have you made out of the free advertising over the last 10 years at SJP ? 2.)Why did you employ Rafa as manager if your not going to back him finacially ? 3.)Name a good thing you've done since you've owned Newcastle United ?
  6. AshleyOut.com

    Not really but i hate the fact there's a bloke ( i use the term loosely ) abusing his stewardship of our club.
  7. AshleyOut.com

    Maybe's the players are pissed off that Rafa hasn't been backed by Ashley & actually wouldn't mind the fans protesting against Ashley. After all the protests wouldn't be aimed at them or Rafa. It couldn't unsettle them anymore than this none takeover fiasco.
  8. Aye i dont know how that happened sorry for everyone else there's nothing in the spoiler
  9. "A Very Small Man" I hate the little bastard, i was hopeing a spider would eat the little cnut in the jungle
  10. "That Football Club" the little slimey bastard Dennis Shithouse Wise
  11. http://www.football365.com/news/newcastle-and-the-depressing-need-for-a-nicer-billionaire
  12. People putting money into the club has to be better than the penny pinching asset stripper we have now

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