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  1. Coronavirus

    Little bit of goods news lads regarding the son in laws ex. Apparently she responded well to dialysis this afternoon. Her body oxygen levels are back up to 65% whatever that means. She's still in a medical induced coma but hopefully there's a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Coronavirus

    Cheers lads
  3. Coronavirus

    Feeling really pissed off. Just found out off the son in law his ex wife who we've taken under our wing. They have 3 kids together she has one by her new partner. Essentially they're our step grandkids. Me, Mrs T & our kids have been over to their house a few times they're a really lovely family. Anyway just over 3 weeks ago she went down to London for a few days. Last Thursday she told her new partner she wasn't feeling very well & very soon collapsed. The ambulance came & she was taken to hospital. She tested positive for Covid 19 from what I can gather things deteriorated & she was put in intensive care. On Monday just gone they took her off the ventilator but had to quickly put her back on. She only has 1 kidney as she was born like that. She's in a really bad way & we're all in shock. Normally we'd have gone over & helped with the kids obviously that cant happen. They're going to try her again off the ventilator this morning we've just got to wait & see. Its fucking shit she's 34 the nicest lass you'd ever meet do anything for the kids etc I feel so angry fuck you Corona virus. We are all gutted here.
  4. Coronavirus

    Seems like all beach car parks from Berwick to tynemouth will be closed. Police cars & police helicopter were at Cullercoats today telling loads of people to go home. Plessey Woods & Bolam Lakes car parks shut. Mams & dads with kids wandering around Cramlington Asda again this morning. A mate of mine who lives in Skelmersdale Lancashire said police were stopping motorists today asking were they were going, who was in the car reminding them of non essential travel. Apparently a few people near the shopping centre stopped & asked what they were doing. Seems like if they weren't shopping or getting meds they were told to return home.
  5. Coronavirus

    Driving round the streets in Blyth at 6:20pm last night
  6. Coronavirus

    They said it came from a wet fish market in Wuhan. Is it just a coincidence this place was just across the road https://listverse.com/2020/03/20/top-10-reasons-to-believe-the-wuhan-virology-lab-caused-2019-ncov/
  7. Coronavirus

    This just came up on my FB " People are pathetic I work in Asda, Families mams & dads & kids are still coming into the shop wandering round like it's a day out" Are these people stupid ffs. I can see this having to go full lockdown with curfews etc before some people realise .
  8. Coronavirus

    Alreet Frank
  9. Coronavirus

    Cheers mate
  10. Coronavirus

    Here @Renton if your working from home I think I've found a solution for you
  11. Coronavirus

    Hopefully the penny will drop now for the people gathering in parks & on beaches
  12. Coronavirus

    It's confusing Master T works for Royal Mail Delivery Office in North Shields. He's going to have to ring his boss in the morning to see if he's wanted in.
  13. Coronavirus

    Beaks 'n' toes innit
  14. Coronavirus

    KFC shutting stores immediately
  15. Coronavirus

    BJ to address the nation at 8:30 PM tonight

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