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  1. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    Wether you agree with the decision about the penalty or not. It doesnt detract from the fact "Bruce's Boys" were utter dogshit.
  2. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    Fun Fact ... Since Opta began collecting exact Premier League goal times in 2006, Callum Wilson's penalty equaliser for Newcastle (96:20) is the latest any side has scored with their first shot on target.
  3. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    Good Olde Fashioned "Frashing" for Bruce's lads today
  4. Coronavirus

    It is shit I missed the kids & grandkids terribly. But I'm willing to give it another go for all our sakes. It's the only way of fighting back at the minute.
  5. Coronavirus

    Agreed "we cant Lockdown forever" But we could Lockdown for a month to try & get a bit of a head start on it. I can just picture Whitty & Valance shaking their heads as that stupid twat obviously ignored their advice. Which undoubtedly would have been for a full lockdown.
  6. Coronavirus

    There's a good reason to think it is. I posted an article from The Guardian the other day this was from it. The number of schools in England badly affected by Covid-19 cases among students and staff has quadrupled in the space of a week, and the number of pupils absent rose by 50%, according to estimates released by the Department for Education. It went on to say close on 1,000 schools in England were affected. With 600,000 pupils absent because of covid related issues. Heres the article https://www.theguardian.com/education/2020/sep/22/covid-19-number-of-schools-in-england-not-fully-open-quadruples
  7. Coronavirus

    At the minute we have nothing to combat this virus with . As we know it's a human to human transmitted virus. So surely the way to combat it, is limit the amount of human to human contact I.e. full lockdown. Yes there will be economic repercussions but it's not like it's just our country this is affecting. I honestly think they unlocked too soon even another 2 weeks would have helped. Like everyone else I dont have any answers. But given the information we got from Whitty & Valance Boris should have called a full National Lockdown. He came out & said he knew the 2nd wave is coming. So why wait for it to come (like last time) its sheer stupidity
  8. Coronavirus

    If things get out of hand we may see the army make an appearance
  9. Coronavirus

    Protesters who were in Trafalgar Square are now on their way to Buckingham Palace
  10. Coronavirus

    Boris's response on Wednesday doesnt fit the information Whitty & Valance projected on Monday
  11. Coronavirus

    Well the Full National Lockdown seemed to work last time. There were just over 650 new infections daily. The infection numbers are over 10 times that amount now & yet theres no Full Lockdown. I just dont understand it.
  12. Coronavirus

  13. Coronavirus

  14. Coronavirus

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