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  1. Live outside Stamford Bridge
  2. Premiership "Little 14" meeting has started apparently
  3. Strong differences of opinion emerging in private between breakaway clubs. Some of execs involved believe they're being hung out to dry & are beginning to get cold feet. They're nervous & disappointed about way it's been handled. One says: “This is not what we signed up for”
  4. Statement from the Everton Board https://www.evertonfc.com/news/2111866
  5. It is, but by signing that they've said "fuck you" to the other 14 Premiership Clubs.
  6. The 14 non Super League Premiership clubs have a meeting with Masters today. I wouldn't be surprised if they refused to play the other 6 teams. What ever happens this has now effectively split the Premiership into an us & them situation. I know it was like that anyway, but this has made things a lot worse.
  7. Chelsea, Man City and Real Madrid face the prospect of being kicked out of the Champions League semi-finals over their European Super League plans, says UEFA executive committee member Jesper Moller
  8. UEFA are staunchly opposed to the idea and have responded by saying every club and player involved in the Super League face being banned from UEFA and FIFA competitions. They said: "Every club and player participating in the Super League could be banned from all UEFA and FIFA competitions, European or International level."
  9. You can hear Bruce now "I'm delighted I'll be manager of Newcastle United next season"
  10. You'd think Bruce's boys had won the Premiership the way the commentator reacted
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