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  1. A week ago Masters said there's be a decision shortly & we're still waiting.
  2. After all this time theres not even a hint as to wether it'll go through or not.
  3. Premier League, the Saudis must feel like they're dealing with the Pub League. Its pitiful now the length of time it's taking.
  4. Give Bruce the managers job
  5. Coronavirus

    BREAKING NEWS Leicester lockdown tightened as coronavirus cases rise Stricter lockdown measures have been announced for Leicester after coronavirus cases have risen in the city. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said non-essential shops will close on Tuesday and schools will close for most pupils on Thursday.
  6. I know what you mean but I'd imagine they must becoming really annoyed about how long it's taking for the PL to make a decision. Shirley there cant be any more checks that need doing. I've a feeling the PL are going to knock it back & the length of time has been taken while PL lawyers make sure there water tight at their end.
  7. I'd imagine PIF will come to a point were they say "fuck it it's not worth all the bother". The £17 million might be worth just writing off it'll be like loose change to them. It's all such a mess & I'm at the stage were any enjoyment of a potential takeover has gone
  8. Met Supermac when I was 16, me & some mates were having a kick about on the pitch outside Gateshead Stadium. This car pulled up & 2 blokes got out one had a camera the other guy came over & asked for a kick off the ball. We suddenly realised it was Supermac . The ball was mine & after the kick about I asked Supermac to sign it. About 2 weeks later one of my mates came around with a copy of Shoot magazine on one of the pages was a picture of me & Supermac with him signing the ball. Also mam & dad went to the World Premier of the Likely Lads Film at the ABC Westgate Rd. Mam & dad were first in the queue nobody else was there as they were waiting a car pulled up. Supermac got out & said to dad "do you want to meet the stars" dad said yes they went in a side door & had drinks with the cast & crew. He didnt have to do that btw James Bolam never turned up for the Premier
  9. Aye my apologies you know what I meant
  10. Living in Blyth about 10 years ago. One of my sons was 12 at the time came running in with a pair of Steve Harpers match worn gloves. Apparently Harper had brought Collocini to pick up a puppy. Master T wasnt shy & asked Harper if he have any match tickets. Harper laughed & said no then opened the car boot got out a pair of gloves signed them & gave them to Master T saying he worn them in a match. Also Miss T is a reception teacher & Rondon's little girl was in her class. On the day before he left to play in the African Nations Cup he gave Miss T a signed match worn shirt. Little did she know that was the last time she would see them. A few weeks ago he sent an e mail to the school asking how everyone was wich I thought was nice.
  11. Shirley the PL know the answer by now
  12. The takeover feels like this

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