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  1. Supporters have until 5pm on Friday, 23rd July to renew their season tickets ahead of Newcastle United’s 2021/22 Premier League campaign. Ah fuck I missed it
  2. No problem mate COVID-19: UK records 46,558 new cases and 96 more deaths - highest number of fatalities since March
  3. Today is Boris's "Freedumb Day" he'll be isolating btw 😁
  4. So tomorrow Boris will declare " Freedom Day" while in isolation. You really couldn't make this shit up
  5. No keepers are available either. Dubravka's had an op on his foot. Darlow has tested positive. Meaning Woodman & Gillespie have to isolate with being in close contact.
  6. Might watch Sid & Nancy later on, has anyone seen it ?
  7. Watched Stardust the Bowie bio pic last night. I really enjoyed it. Admittedly it wasn't Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody or The Dirt. No big soundtrack or Hollywood money thrown at it but it didn't matter. The main bulk of the film is set in 1971 when Bowie went to America to promote The Man Who Sold The World album. The guy playing Bowie probably wasn't the best choice. The films obviously very low budget & not sanctioned by the Bowie estate. But honestly none of that matters I really enjoyed it & if you've an hour & a half spare its worth a watch. It got hammered by the critics. But
  8. £4 for a 250cl bottle of Carling in 1991 was extortionate. £4.50 for the smallest hot dog known to man in the stadium no onions or sauce as well. He took the money first the bastard otherwise I'd have told him were to shove it. I'd been to loads of gigs up & down the country. City Hall, arenas, stadiums, festivals so knew you got ripped off but this was ridiculous
  9. The UK has recorded 48,553 COVID cases and 63 more deaths in the latest 24-hour period.
  10. "Youth Gone Wild" 😁
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