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  1. City fan here.... Very happy for you lot. I hope you get to taste the same levels of success that we've had over the past 13 years. Prepare to become absolutely hated by everyone (especially Liverpool, United & Arsenal supporters). The bitterness makes it even more special. My only concern is that the current 'big' clubs have pulled up the drawbridge with FFP - I 'm interested to see how the new owners try and navigate it. We were long suffering like you once. It's nice to see another set of loyal fans getting excited!
  2. Hey, as a City fan I know a fair bit about FFP lol. It's called amortisation and it essentially allows clubs to drag out the 'transfer value' over the course of the players contracts. For example, if you were to sign 5 players for £100m each and they all signed 5 year contracts, the year 1 value for FFP would be £100m, year 2 £100m, year 3 £100m and so on (assuming you didn't buy/sell any other players over that period). So all you'd have to do is balance £100m per year through player sales or increased commercial revenues.
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