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  1. Craig Bellamy

    Agreed i think we played our best football with two over lapping full backs and two out and out wingers hence hughes and Solano (who linked up well together) with Robert and Bernard down the left. Milner and Solano is an interesting pairing think it could work out well for us , they seem to get better the more they play together. We either need Bernard back to his best or another left back to play with Duff/ N'Zogbia. Still think Duff has a lot more to offer
  2. Newcastle United V Zulte-Waregem

    I thought las night was alright, i would have took it at the start . No bookings , no injuries and a clean sheet. It was hardly a massive work out so hopefully all the lads should be fully fit for Sunday. They had no intention of going for it , we might as well have sat back in our own half and played triangles. Not the greatest of games to sit through but im looking at the bigger picture.
  3. Bernard comeback

    I think hes been our best left back in the last 10 years although i've got a lot of respect for Babyaro after recent events hes just not good enough. Hopefully Bernard will sort himself out and get somewhere close to where he was before to left. Having said that I watched him in the reserves a couple of months ago and he was shocking, still it was only one game.
  4. Toon Ultras

    I see they've got their own little thread on the SMB (am i the only one who has a giggle at their forum name?) Anyway its managed to get my name and email address on it so i'm not best pleased. Just waiting for the mackem onslaught
  5. Craig Bellamy

    Rather have a fit owen and martins TBH.
  6. Tickets for the Belgium Game

    Perhaps you only get half a season ticket - good for the environment aswell. I can tell why its capital of culture .
  7. Tickets for the Belgium Game

    Didnt think of that, wonder if i could have used my old flight ticket to get back home after i missed my flight.
  8. Tickets for the Belgium Game

    Yeah he just couldnt spell zulte waregem but now he has the scarf he finds it fairly easy.
  9. Tickets for the Belgium Game

    Got in alright lads i met a few Belgian lads who agreed to buy me a few tickets if i give them my newcastle top. Sat in the home end behind the goal (even got to bang on the drum). Shame i missed my flight back home.
  10. Tickets for the Belgium Game

    Does anyone have any tickets for the match im after three and fly tonight (fly 10.30 to dublin). Am i also right in thinking its not sold out and i can buy tickets from their proper stadium tomorrow? Any help would be appreciated as i dont speak much Dutch and struggle with their website. Is anyone else flying from Dublin early tomorrow morning?
  11. toon v pool

    Agreed with the above i was nearly on the field at anfield last time round. 3-0 to the lads the mora its the start of the european push . BTW if anyone has a spare ticket for Belgium (as in match ticket) i'd be very happy to invite them for a pint at my expense before the game tomorrow.
  12. Gooch signs - Official

    He chucks it geet miles
  13. toonarmyusa.com on Onyewu

    "He was about 20 at the time and had been playing on the US U-17's and earned a place in the FIFA World Youth Championships" RINGER!
  14. Gent

    WubbleUC do you think they'll let us in with flags this time?
  15. Gent

    Cheers lads i'll do a bit research we land 10am on the wednesday so if worst comes to worst we've got plenty time to sort it out when we get there. Failing that it'll be the old phone call to keith barrett HELP!

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