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  1. If he puts the same of effort into training as he did in the pre match warm up then he isn't doing himself any favours.
  2. I am still totally stunned by this. What a servant to our club and to football. The pic on the Mag's website superbly summaries how I'll remember him in a black and white shirt. The minute silence on Saturday will be gut wrenching.
  3. Completely won me over, the guy is superb as a player and captain. I was seething when he was running off straight after the final whistle at Villa and Shearer had to yell at him to at least acknowledge us fans. However, his performances from then on have been excellent. Lass who sits next to me teaches his daughter. Said she was upset last week about scouse reports and told teacher "I never want to move away, I love all my friends here" Colo still took her to school morning after Stoke game and looked knackered but happy and proud!
  4. You might want to get your name spelt correctly in the text on the "contact" page
  5. How the hell has that smary git Sam Matterface has pulled her? I'm not jealous guv, honest
  6. When Harper was told by Pardew that Krul was in against Arsenal and he would be on the bench, Harper told Pardew to stick the bench up his arse and then went home in a big huff.
  7. Think you have some duff info Mac. We are in the North Stand which is opposite the dugouts! We were in that stand last time too. The NE corner of the ground has never been opened and if you walk around the ground, it hasn't even been finished off inside.
  8. May be also worth pointing out it is a fiver to use the club car park next to the ground. The ring road to the east of the ground is out of bounds for an abandon for a quick getaway, double yellow lines too. Darlington council have taken over all traffic warden duties from the plod so expect plenty out and about for sly ticketing.
  9. It was never the same at Chester le Street. Guillit's training sessions were excellent though. There was basically a large garden shed next to the changing rooms where the rehab work was done. We were convinced it was Ferguson's pigeon cree as he always just walked straight over there at the start if every session. In the build up to the FA Cup semi against Spurs everyone was desperately watching to see if he was going to make it for training or go and feed the pigeons! He went to feed the pigeons and we were gutted he wasn't going to make the semi. As we all know he did come on and that Sol Campbell bloke crumbled when he saw him come on. Wonder what happened to him??!!!
  10. I was often at Maiden Castle to watch the training under KK and Dalglish. It was always fascinating to watch your heroes. So many memories: Went to watch pre season and the fitness work was often done over the river. Had a really good, long chat with Benny K who was buzzing about Denmark's Championship win. Met KK while on the mini suspended bridge over the Wear as he was going to the main centre and asked him how the pre season was going "The lads are fine pal but I'm knackered!" Huge numbers turned up for the first session after Clarkie and Cole's tantrums. Batty and Albert completely filling the interior of Shearer's brand new Jag XKR with compost/grass cuttings!! The smell was horrendous and unsurprisingly Al was not amused! George Taylor was sent to take it away to be valeted. Venison hoofing a ball miles away shouting "Why aren't the fucking balls at the correct pressure!" KK yells "Venners, language, there are kids here" Captain then mumbles "Sorry gaffer" In the sprints, Terry Mac easily coasting past Quinny and KK laughing his head off! I could go on!!!
  11. £50 to stand in the Mall for the marathon
  12. Excellent band. Not sure about Peters' vocals but with the rest of original band lining up will be worth seeing for old times sake. Saw them first as support to the Jam at Wembley Arena. Played some excellent gigs at City Hall during their heyday and also Redcar on their first tour.
  13. Excellent news indeed. Welcome home JC
  14. Totally agree. First time for him in smogsville and laughed when he said "Now I understand what you've been on about it being such a wasteland" First time Norwich visitors were the same. Told them they should have a tour of South Bank for a real eye opener and be grateful Ayresome Park is no more!
  15. If, and it is a big if, Carroll is not going to be sold, all it needs is Llambias to make a 10 second statement personally on Sky or whatever to say there will be no sale. However, since the cowardly git wouldn't even face up at Pardew's initial conference, this speculation will grow and grow. Going to be a long month again.
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