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  1. nobby is a god among us mere mortals does that answer the question!
  2. exactly scott parker should breeze into this squad no questions talk about ash cole being overrated i think sven is the most overrated coach in the game of football even worse than dare i say it souness! lol
  3. i agree i was reading on the other message board someone saying look at his record! and i say look at the teams we have played! also y wait till the qualifier to try the new formation! y not experiment in friendlies! so clueless!
  4. there is nothing wrong with the players! Why can't anyone c that sven has not concept of shaping a team and using different players the only person keeping that incompetant so called coach in the job is the ability of the players we could do so much better with someone else in charge!
  5. what annoys me is that any other manager would have been sacked after the brazil match never mind the endless affairs and crap perfromance in euro 2004! This guy is so incompetent! it is absolutly unbelieveable how he is still in work! Speechless!
  6. i concur and its so annoying that earlier in the summer they said we would be pleasently surprised with the people who want to come to nufc
  7. what for being appointed by ff
  8. i know but i am depressed and it seems there is no good news to celebrate! PLEASE GOD GIVE US THE GOOD NEWS WE SO DESPERATLEY NEED!
  9. Would Dickov be any worse than Shearer in his current form? 16242[/snapback] It's not just Shearer's bad form, it's also the entire team around him and our tactics, or have you somehow missed that? Shearer + no supply or support = no goals. Like Dickov is going to fix it..... 16246[/snapback] No I haven't. Have you noticed that when we do have posession of the ball in midfield that the complete absence of any movement from Shearer up front leaves the midfield scratching their heads as to quite what to do with the ball? Or have you somehow missed that
  10. Why is it that Newcastle United are the most unluckiest, worst run, worst attitude and worst everything else i have ever seen at the moment?! i remember the days when we used to be good but there is nothing positve i can draw from our situation at the moment. I am usually up beat about the seasons ahead but all i see is fat f****rs wallet getting heavier and our club finishing further and further down the league! Emre and parker don't know what they have let themselves in for! i just wish something, ANYTHING good will happen. I can't stand the fact that we hav
  11. SUPPORT SOUNESS AND NUFC AND TURN ON THE BOARD INSTEAD! its not souness fault there is no one playing up front it is a fat f****r in the board room who couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag!
  12. I thought he was a similar player to luque in that he can play up front as well as play on the left wing rather than just a left winger!
  13. it would be mint if we got luque and del'assandro!
  14. Which could mean the door is possibly open for del'assandro (not sure how to spell it!) its on www.teamtalk.com on transfer talk if you go on fulham out! and find steve marlet!
  15. loved the bit about makosi and the hair shuffle!
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