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  1. Holidays next year

    Going to Florida for 2 weeks in May and possibly over to Hungary to see the missus family at some point after that too.
  2. Toon fans attack Mike Ashley

    If this was true im pretty sure it would have made the papers the next morning, not sunday morning.
  3. Ebi Smolarek

    He'd be a very logical signing tbh, especially since we're weak at Left Back. Probably the exact reason it hasn't happened. Or that he is always injured like....................
  4. Caption comp

    Im getting sacked in the morning!
  5. As it stands...

    I'll believe it if it stays like that at the final whistle on the last day, lets not get too confident.
  6. Well Done Toon Army!

    Sure I heard the Ipswich fans singing "Sack Bobby Robson, you never sack Bobby Robson", or was I just hearing things?
  7. Cardiff City 0-1 Newcastle United

    Here we go again!
  8. CARDIFF TICKETS...........

    Good luck, at least you will be able to watch it with the Cardiff fans. Ive heard they are a nice lot...........................
  9. Other games

    2-0 now
  10. Other games

    Brazil 1-0 Shocking defending, the defence is obviously missing Coloccini.
  11. Has Cardiff sold out?

  12. Has Cardiff sold out?

    Some people in this thread sound like Liverpool fans they way they go on about our history! Just hope Agent Chopra helps us out like he did the last time he played against us!
  13. How many points required to win the league and ...

    Noelie used to have a season ticket for Newcastle East End man!
  14. Version of Blaydon Races played at SJP

  15. Version of Blaydon Races played at SJP

    Whats the name of the song the players run out to?

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