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  1. Stop it! You'll set us all off.
  2. That looks about right to me. And not a moment too soon, I hated the quality of football under the 4-5-1 system he's tried.
  3. I'll go stand in the 'Astounded' line. Still can't believe it.
  4. Not sure I really follow that. 19120[/snapback] http://babelfish.altavista.com/ 19134[/snapback] It's easier to read in gangsta! Honestly IMO Sheperd has we all knizzay is T-to-tha-izzight wit money so i can get mah pimp on! So if Real only accepted a bid of 17 million fizzle us fizzle a dawg who usually offa `bout 10 quid n then ups tha offa ta 11 pound 50 pence then will they accept 7 or 8 million fizzy tha pool?? Maybe they will as W-H-to-tha-izzat would tizzle poser Owen in Rizzle as tha fifth choice strika gett'n olda n slowa or break even on a gangsta? Im undecided, I bet they is hop'n he goes ta Newcastle dogg. Gizoogled