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  1. NUFC Accounts 12/13

    Change the name to BS united.The BS could either mean Balance sheet United,because that is all this club means to the fat man,or Bullshit United,which is all that comes out of their mouths!!!
  2. Family from OZ

    Sorry,I should have said the Kids are 26 and 22!!
  3. Family from OZ

    Hi all, Long time toon fan,(60 years) and paying my first visit to Newcastle for 40 years.What a time to come and sit in the Gallowgate! My Aussie wife,son and daughter are going also and have been brainwashed to support the Toon.(Poor buggers!) Any advice on a family friendly pub near the ground would be appreciated. My two pennorth on the latest debacle is,either there has to be a hidden agenda somewhere behind the scenes,or Asley is a bloody headcase off major proportions. Looking forward to seeing my spiritual home once more.Go the might Magpies!!!
  4. Do strikers have to score goals?

    I think the last part of the first post is interesting,in regard to "shoehorning"someone into a strikers position. Living in Brisbane,I only get to see televised games,but I have thought for some time that Steven Taylor has all the attributes to be a very good striker. He seems to have good awareness around the penalty area and makes good runs when attacking. To me,he seemed better than any of our other strikers,not to say thats a great reccomendation in itself!
  5. This team's fitness levels

    Hi all, As my member name implies,I am rather old and this team has put more years still on me! My son is an excercise physiologist,majoring in strength and conditioning and cannot believe how unfit this team appears to be.Most games they seem to just run out of steam early in the second half and have nothing to give.(The second half against Villa is a prime example). One other thought I have had for some time is that Steven Taylor would make a bloody good striker if coached properly.He seems to make more and better timed runs,than the dross we have up front at the moment and his goals have looked class when scored. Finally sixty years of supporting this team and I'll still be back for more next season,god willing!
  6. Felling 21/05

    At my age its called Alzheimers!As for being racist,never have been,never will be. By the way Danny B,have they let Ledley out Yet?
  7. Felling 21/05

    Hi all, I saw the name Felling and thought I'd put in my two bobs worth.I was born at 18 Thomas Street Felling in 1941 and have been a Toon fan all my life. I now live in Australia and my three children,though they have never been to England are all fans.(I even have a black and white dog called Geordie!). At my advanced age you would think that I would be used to the shit that we have been served up at certain times over the years,but Newcastles results still determine what sort of weekend I have and I can barely watch our matches without having a nervous breakdown. I really hope Alan Shearer stays for the long haul and gets the club running as it should be,whichever league we finish up in. I am hoping to get back some time to see some games and maybe meet up with some of you good folk.(I think Stevie and I could have a good drink and chat somewhere,as I share many of his views!)
  8. Signed up today.Could be the oldest to register,with the youngest mental age!(67 and a perpetuaL 16)
  9. Supporters Association

    As you will gather from my sig,I am fairly aged! I have supported nufc for fifty odd years and we are at the very bottom of the roller coaster at this moment.I think it is a great idea to set up this supporters group and I would love to be involved,albeit from overseas.(Brisbane Australia) I think that people would be surprised at the number of overseas Toon fans there are,who would welcome some input in this way. Anyway I'm in!

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