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  1. Roy Keane is a bell-end

    Well it's impossible to say but I just don't think Shearer has much recognition outside of England. Even apart from United as a global name people are going to know Keane from all the massive games he's played in, more F.A. cup finals than Shearer, way more huge Champions League games etc.
  2. Roy Keane is a bell-end

    Considering Keane's career and what he achieved and is still achieving in the game I can't exactly see him being jealous of someone like Shearer. And I'd guess Keane would have much more world recognition than Shearer due to Man Utd's global popularity.
  3. Gabriel Heinze

    Heinze missed the start of the season with various fitness problems and while he was out Evra got his chance in the team and has been outstanding. He hasn't fallen out with Fergie and his contract doesn't expire until summer 2009, however he's second choice for now in most games and might leave in the summer if the situation doesn't change. He won't go to Newcastle. And Silvestre is a decent defender who suffers terribly from ADHD

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