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  1. I used to listen to the legends on the way home from work But I loathe them three blokes now, they talk utter shyte
  2. Taylor is like a bull in a china shop imo
  3. We don't need to sign more young defenders imo We need to sign someone 26+ who is experienced, commanding, has a voice, can organise, and has a fair degree of ability and quality. Somebody like this can come in and help the young players, sorry if i'm stating the obvious but it seems f*cking straight forward enough to me. Oh and 2 full backs and a striker
  4. Typical chelsea, I hope them f*ckers crash and burn.
  5. After watching Arsenal yesterday i'm fcuking jealous. They play irresistable football, have fantastic technically gifted players all over the park and their youth team could probably finish in the top 6 of the prem. They are a perfect example of how a football club should be run from top to bottom, absolute quality I think. Wenger seems to find quality young players every season, then turns them into worldbeaters. Would love to see how their scouting system works. They have had an inconsistent season and won't win the league but next season they'll be right up there hopefully to challange, it was only a couple of seasons ago they went unbeaten through the entire season for fcuks sake. A feat that probably will never be done again. Compare all this to the shower we get served up at SJP week in week out, well there is absolutely no comparison.
  6. For anyone who was at the match yesterday you would have saw him get rolled by Marlon Harewood who then went onto stick it in the net. From then on I have to say that what I heard aimed at him from our 'fans' was an absolute disgrace. When he went off I was relieved to be honest as it put him out of his misery, but what hit me was how profoundly gutted he was - he was absolutely distraught. I have heard rumours that he was crying as he was going down the tunnel, I really felt sorry for the lad. Ramage gets a lot of stick and to be honest and I felt he was injured yesterday before the game even started, but people must remember it was only a few weeks ago that he was forming an partnership with Taylor that was starting to look good, people seem to forget that. At least he gives a fcuk about this football club, unlike the useless foreigners or mercinaries we have brought in who were looking for a pay day and who could not give a toss about the place. Peter Ramage was genuinely hurt by what had happended and that struck a cord with me, he cares and is passionate about NUFC. Obviously he may not be good enough, and we need players who are, but back him for fcuk's sake. Hopefully he'll get his fitness back along with his confidence. If he proves not to be good enough then I hope he goes on and still has a good career somewhere else, but until then give him your support cos he cares as well. Slagging him off will acheive absolutely nothing.
  7. i hate chelsea despite us being crap and inept at the moment, would much rather follow nufc haway the lads
  8. Could be all over if man u hang onto this lead they have..
  9. In order of who'd I want of those to win the league, I'd have to say Manchester United first, great club regardless what you think of their glory hunters, great manager, great continuity with the players like Scholes and Giggs, they have great local supporters, nothing but respect for them. Arsenal next, their supporters are boring as fuck and middle class in the main, and Wenger does piss me off but I don't hate them and you have to respect what he's done...i.e titles with his transfer dealings being in the black over a 10 year period. The rentboys next, small club before Matthew Harding gave them hope, even then they were getting shite gates in the 90's, but they've just taken the piss since RA came in. By a mile the dippers are the club I'd least want to see win the league. Utter cuntish, arrogant, bastard fans who are without doubt the most fickle in football. They couldn't fill their little ground till they won the CL, 33,000 in the Premiership as recently as 2004 etc... Cuntish former players like Phil Thompson and Tommy Smith bleating on about how 2nd place in the Premiership isn't good enough for them, they'll never ever be as big as Man Utd deluded scouse bastards. Oh I forgot to mention they're also the luckiest football club in the world. Agreed about Scholes and Giggs, they have been awesome this season. Ronaldo will get the plaudits, but scholes is still top dog for me. Without him Man U wouldn't be the same team.
  10. Why do they need a centre half? Did you watch their game yesterday!
  11. Two injuries Terry and Cech and their world has collapsed Injury Crisis? They don't know the meaning of the phrase! All that money, £120K a week on Ballack, £30 million on Shevchenko, £17 Million or whatever it was on Wright - Phillips, and all along they only needed a centre half!
  12. Man U for me all day long. I cannot stand Chelsea, they have had it all their own way for 2 years and soon as things go wrong Mourinho can't hack it. His arrogance is unbeleivable as well, along with Peter Kenyon. They seem to believe they have a devine right to win everything Even though I don't like Liverpool I would love if they beat Chelsea to second place
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