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  1. Honestly, Niall Quinn and The Guardian should fuck off 31660[/snapback] Getting rid of Kluivert and signing Owen in the same transfer window - bet you're gutted! 31663[/snapback] Not at all. And I don't think Kluivert is gutted either that he left the current #19 of the Premierleague. But I don't like it when Quinn writes crap about Kluivert's attitude, like he knows anything about it anyway.
  2. Honestly, Niall Quinn and The Guardian should fuck off
  3. I basically know all compilation makers (especially the ones with comps listed on http://www.football-video.com/list.php
  4. oh no; not another Bennovg-diss topic! I wonder one thing; do you think this comp (Cruijff comp by C.Ronaldo17) is worse or better?
  5. damn did they release you from your cage again?
  6. You were the one who told us we'd be signing Luis Figo though.... And didn't you say Kluivert was a god? Never said both! I hoped NuFC would sign Figo and I said that Kluivert is better than 'god'.
  7. Are you going to make posts like this daily?
  8. Yep we do it for comic amusement...... What happened to Figo anyway? Man he went to some shitty Italian team! Such a shame; Luis could have come to Valencia, where he could be in the awesome team of Viana and Paddy K!
  9. Are there still people reading his stuff?
  10. I don't mean to be a party pooper; but Kuijt ain't coming for sure. I think you have more chance to convince Owen. Kuijt would only go to Davids & Joll (=Tottenham) I think.
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