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  1. Shagged For Sunday

    Not quite If they'd turned up and got thumped 5-0 they'd have stayed up as their points deduction for failing to play ended up being the reason they went down. To the match, We are the worst team in the league to watch at the moment but at the same time we are diccicult to beat. We don't concede many goals we are organised. Rumour has it Bellemy will play on Sunday and will hopefully put the li on Sourpuss' managerial coffin for good
  2. Time for action is now

    Ok I aint a Geordie and I aint here to gloat but Im looking at Souey as a Blackburn fan and what he did for us and what Fat Freddy did for us by ensureing we didn't have to pay him off because he was within weeks of the sack at our club. When Souey first arrived at Ewood we were very dubious and even more dubious when for the last couple of games of our first season in Div 1 he wasn't even at the games in fact nothing improved from the god awful football we were playing that season(in one game We played Crewe and had 40shots on Goal, we scored 0 and lost 1-0). The second season came and we were flying good young players like Duff, Dunn, Jansen the squad was improved by quality signings such as Brad Friedel and prover 1st Division players like Alan Mahon, Marcus Bent. We were on a roll and it was great as we got back into the Premiership. Then things changed we saw Souey's abillity to splash the cash on Unproven crap from inferior Leagues over the next couple of Seasons the First of Which was Grabbi from Serie B whom we paid 7m for but this season we saw him bring in Andy Cole and a few others and we stayed up and won the League cup. we pushed on in the Season after and made signings such as Yorke and Gresko and finnished 6th then everything went wrong. There had been squabbles during that season Souey Sold Dunn, Duff etc and replaced them with players Like Amourouso and the Enigma that is Brett Emmerton he continued to fight with Yorke and Cole and he then bought another great player from the Pub League(SPL) in Barry Ferguson for £7m who got injured and a season later cried off home to the inferiour League. The self destruct button had been pressed, we stayed up then out went Yorke, Cole he took the Armband off Shagger Flitcroft and gave in to his mate Ferguson(Who later pissed off) brought in players like Paul Dickov, Micky Gray and Javier De Pedro(Apparently he could pass the ball like Beckham,He was a fat Bastard who played 45mins of League football against West Brom never ro be seen again), and Morten Gamst Pederson(Granted this was one of Soueys better dealings). Then He fucked off to you lot!!! Now my point to all this is hes done this at your place in under a year there, he uses outdated coaching methods and has crap coaches(We didn't like Saunders much either) he has managed to piss off your better players and replaced them with Pub/championship players he has signed some decent players in Parker and Emre. But its always going to come down to his poor man management skills and his inability to play players in the right position and I can't believe you have only 1 striker in a sadly ageing legend that is Mr Shearer which again was down to Souey's poor organisational skills and poor man managment. If I was to suggest a top British manager to Fat Freddy I'd go with Sam Allardyce granted Bolton don't play pretty football and with cash in hand and having some of the quality you guys have he'd win trophys for you. Sorry for the length its just that the man pisses me off with his Lady Luck and These things even themselves out over the season comments.

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