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  1. In my opinion this incident has been blown out of all proportion. Of course that wasn't a headbutt! It's a pity that nobody's talking about his tactics yesterday. Finally getting over the loss of Cabaye. Playing Dummett who is giving us natural width on the left coupled with some no nonsense defensive play. The part played by De Jong and Anita . . .
  2. I know I'm in a minority here but for me this name change issue is not a problem. SJP will be referred to as the SDA on official media but it will always remain SJP for us and for everyone else. In a way it's like a stage name. Louise Ciccone is known as Madonna but she's still Louise Ciccone. Those of the fairer sex will probably relate the whole issue to a girl who changes her surname after getting married. We are kind of married to Mike Ashley after all . . . . Now on to the shirt sponsorship issue. Again I have to go against the flow. Quite frankly I prefer to be associated wit
  3. Kevin Sheedy and Gavin Peacock were class that day. Wasn't too impressed with the rest, and the Third Division loomed closer and closer. Little did we know that we were just a couple of full backs short of a great team . . . .
  4. 0-1 home defeat to Millwall in April 1992.
  5. Mag Max


    IIRC Niall has said on the site that he lives in the West Midlands and has in-laws who support WBA. In fact he does the match reports when we play in the area whilst Biffa does most (all?) of the others. Regardless of where they live I guess they're entitled to speak their mind like everyone else. I like their website because you're never more than one click away from finding what you need.
  6. Cheers. I'll try The Cock and Lion then. I hate watching the Toon in pubs with music instead of the commentary.
  7. The first new era Keegan band-wagon jumper emerges. Go get him Leazes. Have to fly out of the UK early on Sunday morning .... and 5.15 KO means I cannot come back to London on Saturday night
  8. Any London Mags on this board please help me out .... I need to find a pub, ideally in Central London, showing the game with commentary, hopefully in the company of like-minded souls .... Being a Setanta game, I hope it's not a problem.
  9. Shearer probably knows that just two goals from open play in nearly half a season isn't good enough.
  10. Despite all the money that's been spent in summer we should be looking at investing at least another £10m - £15m in January on two quality strikers. Our options right now (Owen excluded) are embarassing.
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