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  1. Gutted. What a legend. RIP
  2. The actual matches are better IMO, they really are great and it does flow really well, you will be pinned back at times as teams mount periods of pressure, you dont need to look at the player marks as you can see whos having a blinder and whos playing shite. Apart from this it has some other good features like being able to give team talks at half time where you can praise/critisize/motivate the team as a whole or players individually with the aim being to raise their confidence levels as high as possible for the second half. The stats in this game are great, there is system where by y
  3. March? Not sure either tbh 40877[/snapback] Im not sure when it was either but i can tell you it was the match when my phone got smashed during the celebrations of Roberts winner. "(jumping up) YEEEAAAAASSSSSS!!! What a fcukin free kick!!!!!........SSHHHIIITTT there goes me phone.....!"
  4. Yeah, but the difference is this year EA have got it spot on. Its the match engine FM and CM can only dream of.
  5. Out on the 7th Oct. Ive been playing the BETA Demo for a few days now and must say it is class!! IMO its what footie management sim fans have been waiting for. The matches can be played out in full 3d mode which is outstanding. The AI is spot on and it really does look like you are watching the match on the TV. The passing/tackling/heading etc are so realistic and there is a huge variety of goals which are scored (I havent seen the same one twice). Another major thing is tactics. Because you can literally see what is going on on the pitch you can alter your tactics according
  6. Ive seen the 'making of' programme on MTV and the footage of SJP looks class! Anyone noticed how much better the football action looks on real film as opposed to being filmed by a TV camera? Class.
  7. Total and utter paranoia. Its gonna take at least what we paid for someone else to get him and I dont think anyone is willing to pay that amount.
  8. I thought he made his debut a few weeks back didnt he???
  9. Its pronounced Andy faay as far as I'm concerned. I aint callin no one Amady or Amdy...fcuk that.
  10. Extortionate prices, poor matchday experience (health & safety laws etc..) and just general apathy due to the top three's domination are the causes IMO. The soloution to these problems are simple. -Slash prices in half -Allow fans 'singing' areas where your not told to 'sit down' & 'shut up' to improve the average supporters matchday experience, cause at the moment going to home matches especially is a chore to alot of people, me included on some occasions. -Wage and Salary caps for players. If these three things were implemented, most top flight stadia would be bur
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