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  1. Owen Jones I used to follow him and then I had to stop following him. Not literally. Purely soshe meeds
  2. Cheers matey...much appreciated. yeah, it's been fifteen short years of total wank. Saying that, Bruce is a mouth watering appointment
  3. BTW say hi if you want so I know you're toontastic homies (or not obvs) :wank:
  4. wait, is this Plymouth? I overslept like an idiot. Some of you used to follow my old youtube channel. Well, amusingly enough I still scrape a living making music and that. If you are interested in any way shape or form then here are some links. I am dressed up as Michael Parkinson in one of the vids if it's any help. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY22UfhUnmsFdp8vnZILu3A https://www.instagram.com/supermarkmusic/ https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/3qQ93XWMLZMkn3L7jSIGvq/profile Enjoy, ignore or t
  5. Best ever low commitment football experience. From down to up with 5 minutes of text checking Stippy stibbip that way all can telln
  6. https://youtu.be/uZD6OQ4BUcc Stippy stibbip that way all can telln
  7. It's like a year's worth of perfect pre season! Looking forward to the reality check of promotion and subsequent Rafa departure and the shitting upon of all my football dreams once more. [emoji41] Good times! Stippy stibbip that way all can telln
  8. Is it confirmed confirmed? These are the thoser
  9. *recelebrates* These are the thoser
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