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  1. I’m all for it 👍🏼 I just hate paying for news!
  2. Are you a Telegraph subscriber?!
  3. Ooh, nice! that neck looks a delight to play 👍🏼
  4. So where’s this new axe then Andrew?!!
  5. Throbak is the name of the pickups….
  6. I suppose the one true thing with Gibson is that they ALWAYS used to be better 😁 🕺🏻
  7. I’ve never heard of maybach (except the posh Mercedes) I’ll have a gander… my Les Paul is a Studio from ‘95 and although I tried to find a standard I liked more I didn’t manage to! It was already worn in and just felt nicer than the new ones I tried. I put some vintage sounding pickups in it but I can’t remember what they’re called at the minute 😬😁
  8. Yeah that’s true…plus the dollar was weak as piss!
  9. It all got out of control for a while and I spent all of my money on them… then vintage synths, then studio gear… that feeling when you pick up a great guitar is a bit of a drug and putting it back just seems wrong 😑😭😁 I know what you mean once you get your main gear but even then… it’s dangerous!
  10. I never go to music shops any more because I’ll only end up finding a guitar I all of a sudden can’t live without.
  11. China’s been getting involved everywhere, way more than Russia IMO. They clearly do things more intelligently by the looks of things. Yes it’s depressing but ultimately I guess the world’s run more or less like this for a long time.
  12. an enemy of my friend is an enemy or whatever the phrase is China is Russia with 10 times more people and all of the factories. They’ll be the world’s Daddy soon if they aren’t already obviously you know this
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