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  1. Anyone fancy a game of rugby lol....
  2. Leeds is known for it,s housing of thicko's mind Bristol is as well them 2 places make st nicks look like Kings college.
  3. Well seeing as you're from Leeds i can belive it when you say "translate it" because it houses the biggest amout of thicko's in one place.....
  4. You want to here what they are saying about you,people talk.... oh and like i give a toss about what they say /think about me from the so called people of "this " board". ps: mind the only thing i can remember saying about you in chat or some post was about you being GAY.nowt wrong in my eyes if you're a pipe bending closet lodger.
  5. Jackanory Stop distracting other users from this post it,s annoying... btw not got a clue what you are on about re them stories i dont remember that what you said above and i would know. ps where,s this arsonist then is he out fire starting right now and cannot be here ?? PS: I Only deal in facts if you have proof about these stories from me show me the evidence if not ,you're fooked me laddo comprendo!!!
  6. 2nd best group to come out of manny facta mundo ,1st Stone Roses 3rd Oasis. Hector was the first of the gang with a gun in his hand and the first to do time the first of the gang to die Oh my ........
  7. Gejon Dont you have some stories to make up,i,m now calling you Jackanory. i heard as well you drink like a bird lol... 1/2 lager and youre gone.
  8. Nufcforever [omfg its that turnip from Nobs-Online] can you not go and start a fire now-get caught and spend 4 years in either Armley or Durham you'll be the wings bitch and when you come out you wont be called Dave you'll be Deidrie and be as bandy as john wayne.ARSON kills you do know that dont you!!!
  9. This is really a piss poor attempt of a slanging match thread,i say better stuff in me sleep.
  10. Bellamy would improve the team no end,bring him back i say and let the party begin...
  11. Me lol nah just prefer good quality and a brand name get what you pay for.
  12. Do i detect friendship between thee and thou????
  13. well at that price it wouldnt be Tesco would it.haha.Its John Lewis. my fav,s are Ted Baker/Gant.they have gone up to £18-£25 ive just double checked and before you say owt they come in a box set[3] but still as dear as that stoopid top of his like.
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