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  1. Coronavirus

    Has no one on here had it yet? If it's that contagious you'd think at least a few of our thousands of users would be infected by now.
  2. Coronavirus

    This. I bailed out of a Zoom group quiz last night. Pub quizzes are shit enough WITH the fucking pub.
  3. The Great Self Isolation Trivia Quiz 2020.

    She’s definitely not choosy.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    Effluent on the other hand.
  5. Coronavirus

    Disappointed you can’t just replace it yourself Gemmill. Sort yourself out man.
  6. 50 Year Anniversary Scarf

    Any of these left mate?
  7. Coronavirus

    That herd immunity, take it on the chin crap was treason. They will get away with it though, obviously.
  8. Coronavirus

    Pharmacy is a cracking idea as they’ll have adult nappies.
  9. Coronavirus

    And those pesky Dems were so close to getting rid of him just in time.
  10. Coronavirus

    Raab doesn't realise how important his mouth is for accessing his stomach.
  11. Perfect time to buy an expensive trinket.
  12. Coronavirus

    Alright Stevie. Did you catch the Arsenal game the other day?
  13. Coronavirus

    Say a prayer for Dominic Cummings.
  14. Rona Recommends

    Can you confirm if the sun actually does shine out of it?

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