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  1. He could have put White in on goal. Poor decision making.
  2. Some sort of protest against the fixture occurring? Either way, abysmal stuff.
  3. They must be beyond shocked to learn a Tory MP could be selfish.
  4. They’re winning this easily. Is Renton watching?
  5. Given the ball away so many times. Minging.
  6. Taken the morning off because it’s my birthday. Newcastle always lose on my birthday. Spurs score. Had been coming. We look shite.
  7. Expecting it to be shite. They’ll all be jet lagged to fuck.
  8. FFS. I’m so sick of this! It’s not state-sponsored murder, it’s state-organised murder. Dickheads.
  9. 8/10 0.5 of that is for the management of the biggest injury crisis faced in Newcastle since 1854.
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