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  1. Other games 2019/2020

    LeazesMag, is that you?
  2. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Or are you?
  3. Coronavirus

    We should all take it up.
  4. Coronavirus

    I've noticed that almost everyone is better looking in a mask. I hope they stick around, I've had enough of looking at you mingers.
  5. Season Predictions!

    I'm sorry MF lad, but I've been told it's a Cockrot pandemic.
  6. Season Predictions!

    Season won't finish due to the next catastrophe, fans will be blamed.
  7. I now keep my cans in the oven.
  8. It's my fucking money, I received fuck all from them and the cunts are going to screw me for the next decade to pay for Ashley's fluffer.
  9. They probably would if they could.
  10. Do virus dream of cereal cafes?
  11. Not a lake tbf. What is Trump’s favourite body of water? Piss.
  12. Politics

    Better go out jogging again, remind everyone I’m an all action guy fighting obesity and immigrants as one. Rightio, what to wear? Now I know this, what do joggers wear? Board shorts, yes of course, that’ll keep things in place. And a polo shirt, popped naturally. Don’t forget a great big black sweater, to make sure I don’t get cold jogging in the summer. Perfect. Now, I just need to remember to keep my thumbs up and find that camera.
  13. I appreciate you may be a little upset and frustrated Carl but there’s absolute no need to have a go at Curly Wurlys.

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