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  1. Why did Pope hold onto the ball too long? He was pontificating. stay for the veal etc etc.
  2. Most Popes have held balls for longer.
  3. Isak needs to get on the roids pronto.
  4. The music on this went quite nicely with the lying in state I've got on the other side of the screen
  5. I have just watched twenty minutes of this and it is brilliant. Apart from being macabre, bizarre and almost biblical in its epic lunacy, it is sensational people watching. Essential viewing. 9/10.
  6. Is there not a webcam you can just look at for 30 seconds? We all coped during the pandemic with remote viewing.
  7. You are free to extend your period of mourning accordingly.
  8. I’ve got a big birthday bash this weekend. Friday to Monday up in Hay-on-Wye. The new bank holiday means loads of people can now stay on the Sunday night too. And hopefully the drive home will be quiet as driving is probably to be frowned upon on the big day. So this has worked out well for me. Cheers Lizzie.
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