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  1. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Noelie’s support wavers like a fucked cardiogram.
  2. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Maybe it’s time for a pro-relegation movement as that is our best hope of progress. Unbelievably.
  3. Gears 5

    I’ve moved to PlayStation like. GOW2 Horde was the peak of all this shite.
  4. Sniper Elite 4

    As close as we can get to spraying spunk about these days eh?
  5. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Brexit voting cunt.
  6. Some questions from a Manchester United forum

    Sympathies for your long struggle without a trophy.
  7. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    I wish he’d fucking stop saying “wuzz”.
  8. Europe --- In or Out

  9. Owen - If only the fans knew the facts!

    Amazing how I can hear his monotonous, dim-witted drone through his writing.
  10. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    Lots of barn doors in Norfolk will have slept easy last night.
  11. Televised games you're just not arsed about.

    Grassroots football, heavily fertilised by the good folk of Sunderland.
  12. 25 man squad

    😅 have you bugged my Prius?

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