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  1. WTF? How do the public decide that? Paulo Tossconi is a known sitter, Rolando Cajones voted for Brexit and Jedward Cockrot has a Muhammed Shed! Who gets the bonus? YOU decide.
  2. I hope this goes through, it'll push Sunderland down another rung.
  3. Do we still have any legal types on here? Our bairn's nursery - the hourly rate at which is about as expensive as a Thai prostitute - is insisting we pay for sessions which do not occur. And by that I mean when the building is closed on Bank Holidays but my son is ordinarily rostered in on a Monday. WE ARE CLOSED - YOU STILL PAY. It is a council run facility but the nursery set the policy. Do my consumer rights protect me from paying for a service which the service provider is preventing me from receiving? I really don't want to go postal down there as t
  4. Had mine yesterday. AZ. Felt a bit heady last night and fairly lazy today but I’m fairly lazy every day. Some of my mates have carried on as if they’re dying. Absolute jessies.
  5. That poor dog is going to be from a broken home.
  6. Holy shit. It worked. Thanks Ant.
  7. Are you moving because you want more space Ant?
  8. I’d love to share a picture of my dog but Ant hates me.
  9. I’d share an image but, https://ibb.co/yqvpK1D
  10. You cats will move out if they don't like it.
  11. Makes a change from metaphorically tbf.
  12. I have had loads of dogs MF, not in that way. My current dog is a Border Terrier and she is in a different class to the others, as great as they all were. She doesn't need loads of exercise or attention, she is happy to do her own thing or be part of what is going on. She knows her own mind, is amusingly wilful and keenly intelligent. Cute as fuck without being a floof. Only downside is they can be a bit feisty and they do moult. Anyway, looks like you have no say in this so enjoy your mental bouncing spaghetti factory.
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