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  1. Going to be a little more convenient to get to Nissan from that part of town for the next 7 months.
  2. Watford

    Elton John crimps another one out on Ant and Dec.
  3. Watford

    1-0 ffs
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    A mistake we've all made tbf.
  5. Funny pictures thread

  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Was it Aisling or Gillian though?
  7. Wiping your arse

  8. Wiping your arse

    There's something floating up!
  9. Wiping your arse

    Lurking. Not had much to add to the board as of late - notwithstanding the revelation above.
  10. Wiping your arse

    I have just learned that there are people sickos out there who apparently approach with their paper from the front.. adding a totally new dimension to this debate.
  11. Rafa Benitez

    Fuck off man. Newcastle fans have more patience than the NHS FFS.
  12. This might be even more impressive than his greatest feats for us? DLDLLDDLWDLLLLLL
  13. Seven nout with a Meghan Markle streak at HT.
  14. Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by West Brom

    When you're the king you can see the future.

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