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  1. Going to the Everton match with a Scouser

    This aspect of football that depresses me. One of the reasons that I gave up my season ticket at SJP was the abuse given to another human sitting near me being simply because he supported the other team. He was our guest and we should have made him welcome. But alas, you will all know that that didn't happen. Why does this happen in football? Go to a rugby or cricket game and you will actually be able to talk with supporters of the other team because they may be sitting next to you. Sally
  2. He's back........and he's got changed!!

    Lovely! Takes me back.... Sally
  3. We’re not fit enough, warns Sam

    The excuses start already. Probably to dampen down expectations. Don't they consider fitness and injury records when signing players. Personally I'm amazed that anybody is interested in paying good money for Dyer. If I had a record like that at work, I'd have been out on the dole long ago. sally
  4. Places That Are shit...

    Has anybody mentioned that place on the coast between Shields and Seaham? Can't remember its name now but I think it begins with S as well. Sally

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