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  1. Souness OUT

    You think we will stuff Mansfield...we can play pretty shite against crap teams, we only beat that sh*te team (can't remeber what they are called but DJ Campbell played for them) 2-0. We couldnt even beat Wigan Reserves. Even if we win 10-0 I still want him out.
  2. Souness OUT

    We are planning for Mansfield, if Souness doesnt go we will keep doing the same every match untill we get rid of him.
  3. Souness OUT

    No, I just can't be arsed to go to Kingston Park, if you want to go there and host your own private protest, go ahead. 73211[/snapback] Aye, the thought of watching the reserves, given how shit the first team is, is not really something I'm interested in. 73217[/snapback] Nah man, the reserves are actually canny, heres a quote from NUFC.com: "Our home form this season is good, with four wins and a draw from the five home fixtures - United netting five goals in each of their last two KP appearances, against West Brom and Villa." But anyway, I was already going to the reserve match, I go to all of them, I just thought this would be some good publicity for the campaign. I would rather be doing summit that nowt, you kna.
  4. Souness OUT

    Soopafan? Na, more like I'm sick of the crap we are playing every week. Seriously, did you see the goals we let in yesterday? When Clark scored in the last few seconds what did Souness do? He shook his bloody head.I can't believe what your saying, makes me think you want Souness to stay.
  5. Souness OUT

    Well all we are aiming to do is let Souness and those other clowns in charge that we - the Newwcastle fans - want them out of our club. IF you love this club you will join us tonight and before the mansfield match, its not much, but its the best we as fans can do. Who knows, maybe if we get our voices heard and get some publicity it will make Souness get his act together. Howay lads, come down to Kingston Park tonight, SOUNESS OUT!
  6. iPod

    Check here for your usb cable and here for all the iPod info you need.
  7. Ask yerself an honest question....

    I would take anyone really, someone with a little enthusiasm, someone with more passion, someone who isnt completely blind to the fact our defence is in shambles.
  8. Souness OUT

    No, I don't. Happy?
  9. Souness OUT


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