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  1. The moment you found out Shearer had signed

    Same here. Remember sitting there not believing it for a while, then spending the rest of the day walking around with a big smile on me face.
  2. Club Statement

    124673[/snapback] absolute scum hes still at it! 124697[/snapback] Quality! And how did he become a mackem if half his family are Blackburn fans and the other half are Newcastle fans?
  3. Ronaldinho's goal

    Clive Titsley man, worst commentator I've ever had the misfortune to listen to. Annoying and repetitive, the master of over-exaggeration and wankfests. I wrote a letter ages ago to the powers that be complaining about him. We need a campaign. Anyone want to do a website? 104439[/snapback] However I think he refrained from his usual Big Cup commentary staple, which was odd considering he was actually there. 104446[/snapback] I've since found out that he did mention "that night in Barcelona" sometime during the second half. Tildesly may have been bad but David Pleat is a total and utter moron 104449[/snapback] It took him until the 67th minute to mention the 99 final - which I was amazed by. Only reason I know this is because at the start of the game, me and housemates were going to keep track of how many times he mentioned it, and when the first time was. But since it took him so long, we didn't bother in the end (I don't remember him mentioning it afterwards though). And I have to say, I do hate Motson more than Tyldesley. Motson is just mind-numbingly dull. Tyldesley is just annoying - at least he can be somewhat interesting at times.
  4. The Chelsea scouting system!

    I thought that was Chelsea's transfer policy anyway 90575[/snapback] Well, it's just becoming a lot more obvious now they've got a first team in place and are buying all the youngsters I guess...
  5. The Chelsea scouting system!

    Anyone else get the feeling that the Adu thing is only to stop everyone else getting him and nothing to do with making their squad better?

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