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  1. Transfer Deadline Day 2011

    Gonzalo Castro, mentioned earlier. Immense on the left for Mallorca. SIGN HIM!!
  2. Posh 2-3 Newcastle

    haha phone call
  3. Posh 2-3 Newcastle

    We are playing again on Monday, now way could we play full strength sides in both. Resting players was the right thing to do. The players are available if eeded later on.
  4. Posh 2-3 Newcastle

    Any little fast-flowing tributeries about? Ones you can see or hear?
  5. boro 2-2 NUFC

    2-2!! FUCKING COME ON!!!!
  6. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Lovenkrands and Pancrate.
  7. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Might just wanna give him the last 15 minutes or so. Maybe 40 was too much.
  8. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Wasn't shown. Guessing just a precaution for a muscle pull or something. Didn't see him pull up or anything.
  9. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Coloccini replaced by Ryan Taylor. Kadar at centre-back, Simpson at LB, Taylor at RB.
  10. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Good goal that.
  11. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Me too, mine has just gone off.
  12. boro 2-2 NUFC

    West Brom level, 1-1.
  13. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Brilliant ball by Jonas.
  14. boro 2-2 NUFC

    West Brom 1-0 down.
  15. boro 2-2 NUFC

    Sorry, I didn't know you couldn't post links, deleted. Yup, Williamson is injured.

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