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  1. wow ...did'nt know that...always thought Shay was the 2nd cousin of the Ivorien witch doctor Baaba Maal
  2. I was mightily impressed by the game between Nigeria and Ivory Coast... The Ivory Coast players had a lot of skill and were pretty comfortable on the ball... How do our players match up against theirs?
  3. My position is if u can't beat them join them..... I was a staunch defender of Martins on this board but I've come to see the light ...... He is not a Newcastle type player. He actually gives a fuck
  4. He is unworthy of the shirt!!!! What the fcuk has he done for us lately.. His scoring rate in the league is abysmal compared to Rooney, Drogba & Shevchenko this season.. We even surround him with shit , so he can look good and he still disappoints.. A paltry six goals in 12 appearances and 2 asssists What a load of shite... Ship him back to Milan... and lets get Shevchenko
  5. A lot of the criticism of Oba is over the top and unjustified... He has scored 6 goals made 2 assists in 12 appearances 5 of them as substitute. Torres has scored 6 made 2 assists in 11 appearances Torres is a starter and the Pool plays for him to score goals and he has been successful for them. he misses his fair share of chances yet is considered by many here as world class. Oba however is playing in a team where chances created are at a premium and the team's tactics is not suite to his style of play and he is considered to be shit by many on this board I watch many of
  6. He needs to start games to keep his place in French national team. Ironically he is france 1st choice right back. He is ahead of Sanga in the pecking order . His preferred playing position is in the Central Midfield... he can do a job for us as he is much better than anyone we have there at the moment
  7. H e is a class player...at least a sight better than anything we've got ..He is the ball winner we need at the centre of the park. Arsenal paid 2 million for him ......
  8. We would have to play through ur nose for Defoe...He is too similar to Martins and Owen for my liking. he requires ball played into space to be effective. Jones on the other hand is the perfect target man. He can use both feet ....is pretty good on the ball and is excellent in the air...I think he is the perfect acquisition...Sunderland are desperate for quality players with premiership experience ..U can prbly offer Ameobi and some other unfortunate to them in exchange
  9. i edited the video for u Man do we need a next midget in attack and how will he survive In Big Sam's lump it to the big man system
  10. I think this guy can do a job and at 23 can be a good long term prospect
  11. He's still shitloads better than Smith and Ameobi. U could prbly swap him for Ameobi and some cash
  12. I would go for Sunderland's Kenwyne Jones. Since we love to play this dour long ball game... He's probably one of the best in the air in the Premiership...and if he was not playing for such a shit club ...he would probably be close to double figures now
  13. Owen's return will most likely signal Oba's return to a bit part role in the side .. What is the view at SJP... Should Owen walk into the starting line up once more?
  14. I don't agree with the whole concept of booing.. I especially don't believe in the concept of booing players ..but Big Sam has been looking for iit since the beginning of the season...His purchases displayed a simple lack of common sense. Big Sam did play very basic football ay Bolton but the fact is his teams were always full of technically adept players eg Diouf ,Campo ,Okocha ,Djorjaeff and Anelka. So even though they did play route one footballl, they did not give away the ball often and the players were tactically disciplined. Newcastle is the opposite of Bolton ,the player
  15. I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record...but
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