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  1. Aye, having a harmless joke - bang out of order. It's the general consensus that you are without a doubt one the worst posters on the board. We are letting you stay. Enjoy It.
  2. Aye, having a harmless joke - bang out of order.
  3. fucking hell t-keith, deleting posts and putting me on a 2 hour ban for a wind-up?
  4. On a second thought, I think it's canny.
  5. there's nowt on skysports website like. I doubt there will be.
  6. Personally I couldn't give a flying fuck what the media think, whatever they say, print and publish will not effect or change the way I support my football club.
  7. Tribal

    Jo Guest

  8. No idea, never heard of him. Why like?
  9. another mental breakdown won't be too far away if our fans boo him.
  10. I am Crimson. I am nee other fucker mind, Wacky.
  11. Tribal

    F.O.A. : Alex

    You really are a complete fucking tool.
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