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  1. +1 Just remember thinking how crazy it was that you where caged in (just in to me teens at the time). Was in the milburn paddocks.
  2. Newcastle Utd 2 -0 Fulham

  3. Peter The Great

    Cracking compilation. Wonder what pedro would be worth in todays money??
  4. New signings

    Smith can't even stay on the pitch for a start. And not even because he has to go and play for his country.
  5. New signings

    Would love to see berbatov here, can't see it like. Recon he's waiting for Man U, Chelsea etc.
  6. New signings

    Got to agree like, neither Smith or Geremi are made of the right stuff to be captain.
  7. Gullit - Newcastle still unrealistic

    Sounds like a man with his finger on the pulse of english football....

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